How To Remove Grohe Kitchen Faucet With Single Handle Or Double Handles

To remove the Grohe kitchen faucet, you need a few simple tools and 2 to 3 steps to follow, like turning off the water supply, and unmounting the bolt, and you are good to go with removing.

Starting from remodeling a kitchen down to the cause of replacing faulty faucets, we must detach our entire faucet assembly at times. You can perform trivial plumbing tasks like this by yourself. And to help you in this matter, we bought you a DIY guide to show you how to remove Grohe kitchen faucets and disassemble their parts.

How To Remove Grohe Kitchen Faucet

Removing Grohe kitchen faucets is not much different from other brands’. However, there is a variation within the Grohe faucet models. That’s why their parts removal procedure also differs. Well, that can make things complicated, isn’t it so?

However, fret not cause we are here precisely to simplify the task for you. And to do so, we have divided this guide into a few sections. And, in each section, we discussed how to remove Grohe sink faucets of distinct types and their parts.

So, pick out the removal guide of your Grohe faucet type and start plumbing.

How To Remove the Grohe Single Handle Kitchen Faucet

Before getting into the steps of withdrawing your sink tap, let’s prepare you up for the job.

Moreover, you have to lean your back to uncouple the supply lines or mounting device for a couple of minutes during the procedure. So, you can spread a foam or pillow and a towel over it and the floor to work more comfortably.

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So let’s make a list of what tools we need first.

  • Adjustable Wrench
  • Teflon tape
  • Pliers
  • Screwdriver
  • Soaking towel or bucket
  • Basin wrench
  • Protective eyeglasses
  • Soaking towel to collect dripping water.
  • Torch to see in the narrow space.

You can also use substitutes for these tools. There are no restrictions unless they damage your sink and faucet assembly. This section also resolves how to remove Grohe Ladylux kitchen faucets as it is also single-handle faucet. Now, let’s get started:

First Step: Stop The Water And Electricity Supply

  • First of all, shut down the power supply to any outlet beneath your sink.
  • Then close your cool and warm water valves under the sink.
  • After it, fully open your faucet valve to relieve internal pressure and coagulated water.
  • If water drips from a faucet, fasten the hot or cold water supply more tightly using a cloth to grip the valve.

Second Step: Uncouple Your Supply Lines

  • Now you must separate the faucet’s hot and cold delivery pipes from their respective outlets. If they are not labeled, label them with color or tag for future convenience.
  • Firstly, use an adjustable wrench to loosen the threaded nut connected to the cold pipe while keeping the valve duct steady with another hand.
  • Before disconnecting the cold water line, place a towel to collect water drips. Then detach the joint. Afterward, do the same for the hot water delivery pipe.
  • Lastly, If there is any sprayer connection with the faucet assembly, detach it too.

Final Step: Separate The Faucet Fixture From Your Kitchen Sink

Before parting the entire faucet assembly, detach the mounting fixtures between the sink and tap. Follow the steps we presented below:

  • Unbolt the mounting nuts beneath your kitchen basin. Wear eyeglasses to avoid any debris from harming your eyes meanwhile.
  • Take all screws off including the round metal fastener and rubber gasket.
  • Then unlatch the faucet by rotating or carefully pulling it out. Well done!

How To Take Apart A Grohe Kitchen Faucet With Dual Handles

For the preparation part, follow the same routine as removing single handle faucets in the previous section. You also require the same tools as the previous section.

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First Step: Stop Utility Supply

First of all, switch off your power supply to the electric connections inside and around your sink cabinet. Then, close your hot and cold water valves under your sink. Finally, open both faucets’ valves to release their interior pressure and check the rigidity of the supply line valves.

Second Step: Uncouple the Water Lines

  • Now, use a wrench to unbolt the threaded nuts holding the cold supply line to the metal valve attached to the sink underneath.
  • Put a bucket underneath the connection and uncouple the supply pipe from the valve under the mounting nut. Then do the same for the hot water supply line.
  • Also, disengage any diverter, sprout, or sprayer connections from underneath the sink.

Final Step: Take Out The Faucet From The Sink

  • Unbolt the mounting hardware from hot and cold valves with a wrench. Or loosen it with a wrench and unscrew with a hand if you can reach it. If they are rusted tight, you can use penetrating lubricants to loosen the joints.
  • Then, lift your faucet holding the two handles slowly and carefully take it out. That’s it. Good job, dear.

How To Remove Grohe Kitchen Faucet Handle

  • First of all, close hot and cold water valves underneath your sink.
  • Grip and pull your handle while steadily increasing the force.
  • If it resists much, wiggle the handle a little, pull it and repeat. It will eventually take off.

How To Remove Grohe Kitchen Faucet Head Sprayer

  • Yes, as usual, first shut off cold and hot water valves.
  • Uncap the lead on top of your faucet by unbolting it or lifting it using a flathead screw if it’s a push cap.
  • Then use a wrench to twist the faucet head counterclockwise. Now the sprayer can come out easily.

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to remove a Grohe faucet head?

You can remove the Grohe faucet head by tightly gripping it with one hand and untwisting the cap on the mouth. Then pull the spray head to detach it from the faucet. If you require changing your whole Grohe faucet, follow our step-by-step instructions.

How do you remove a Grohe kitchen faucet handle?

Firstly, turn off your hot and cold water line supply valves under your sink and open the faucet handle to check the leakage. If there is none, pull out the cap on the handle and lift it using steady and strong force. Some caps have screws under them, unbolt them and pull out the handle.

Final Thoughts

Doing your home jobs makes you self-sufficient. And so is the goal of every accomplished homeowner. To advance you a few steps ahead on that way, we compiled a DIY manual to teach you how to remove Grohe kitchen faucet of different types in the easiest ways.

Finally, We hope that our puny efforts to compile this guide help you remove your tap or its parts and enlighten you about the safe plumbing procedure.

We’ll meet again with another guide on another day. So, until then, goodbye and good wishes to your DIY plumbing.

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