Caroma Vs Toto- Which Should Be More Your Preference?

Do you often notice that the 1-pieces of Toto toilet designations are a little quieter? Of course, it is. This, too, is ultimately a great choice for you. Hence, Toto is quieter than the Caroma and easy to clean. But, if you want to save water, then the dual flush Caroma will be your first choice. All in all, they will wind up with less water than Toto.

However, the main difference between Caromavs Toto is that the base of those toilets isn’t similar and their flashing systems. To make these two particular brands defeat more fairly, we discuss their features, prices, and overall topics here in detail. So don’t skip and stay with us from now on.

The Main Dissimilarities Between Caroma Vs Toto Toilet

Flush Systems
Single & Dual flush systems are availableG-max, E-max, Cyclone, double-cyclone, tornado
 satin black brushed brass, and brushed nickel electroplated finishesCEFIONTECT glaze coating
0.8 for Light flash & 1.6 for solid waste1.0 gallons per flash
Key Features
Trapeway made with wash down technologywashlet bidet function for a rear cleanse, heated seat
Bowl Height
Average 16.5-261/2″ inches in tall17.25-19 inches
Toilet Pan Manufacturing Brand

Below we are now discussing through the deep analysis between these two. As you know, both of these toilets are the best choice that saves the water bill from your consumption. But still, there is a bit of difference between them that make them unique and excellent from each other.

Flushing systems

When you decide to buy any toilet, many questions come to your mind naturally. One of the most crucial facts is the efficient flushing systems.

At first glance, both of these brands offer you the same quality toilet experience. But Caroma has less functionality in these affairs than the Toto. Caroma only requires dual flushing systems, and some poor models still contain the ancient features of single flushing systems. But Caroma isn’t too bad as it had a powerful flash even when dealing with bulk.

On the other hand, Toto is available in 3 to 4 types of flushing systems. Those are-

  • G-max, which requires 1.60 gallons per flush. It has a 3-inches valve and flashes.
  • E-max systems – this system supports 1.28 gallons of water in every flash.
  • Cyclone is a water nozzle and tank system for smart flushing. Water consumption is between 0.8 and 1.6 gallons.
  • Double cyclone & Tornado– the complete water reference for both flashes is 1.28 gallons per flush. It functions with three jets, surrounded by the perimeter and ensuring that the waste is gone away.
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The easiest and simplest maintenance is often good as it offers you less care and prevents costly purchases. In that case,

Toto toilets are bestowed for their premium quality. So you can easily maintain them, which isn’t too hard. But they come with a high price tag, which is undoubtedly off-putting to some homeowners.

Comparatively, Caroma is easy to maintain and clean. Again, they are very cheap and can be bought at any available price range.


Nowadays, people use the restroom for personal purposes and as a useful accessory. A toilet is a crucial place at your home where your guest must have to go. A good and stylistic toilet designation is really important and needs your special attention.

Toto is traditionally the most stylish and comes with trendy designs. It is a renowned and unique manipulation of Japan. Most of them come with elongated bowl designations that offer ample room to stretch your legs.

It’s tough to ignore the special features of the Toto toilet. Again, this Toto toilet comes with the Sana gloss glaze that prevents stains. It also makes a way to clean the toilet easily.

On the contrary, Caroma uses the best technology on their toilet accessories. So that you can express the style into the bathroom sanctuary, at the camera, you’ll get the high-end PVD technology.

PVD refers to physical vapor designation. It is used in bathroom elements to provide durability and resistance to corrosion and scratches. Besides, they have used the three radiant finishes in PVD, including brushed brass, brushed nickel, and gunmetal. You will find the new collection on Urbane-2 and Liano-2.


Installation is another important aspect that we didn’t want to compromise on. The top priority list is quick installation, as it is the most preferred product. In that case, Caroma requires these matters efficiently.

For example, Caroma 989646W Caravelle dual flush toilets are available with a clear instruction by which you can easily install this everywhere. The Caroma tank and bowl are solid one-piece materials, so there are no leaks between them.

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On the other hand, Toto isn’t easy to install. In addition to that, they usually come with poorly designed washers and valves that are difficult to install.

Especially if you’re a beginner, Toto shouldn’t be your priority once you buy this one. It is also easier and faster to install on your own if you have an experienced instructor. Caroma front and toto elongated are 28-1/4″ and 30-1/4″ long, respectively.

Due to this, the elongated Toto is 27-1/4″ long, which takes up less space in a small bathroom. Caroma and Toto are both good at flushing. On both of them, a small but deep water spot is visible.

The glass on both seems to remain clear flushes. Just install it with the help of a seal (wax), attachments, bolts or screw kit (for some Caroma models), and a supply. Lastly, either toilet works well.

Defensive Technology

There is no other reason to buy Toto products. Most of the models of such brands are made with this confronted technology. It is an ultra-smooth ceramic glaze that coats the toilet bowl. As a result, it becomes easy to clean it. Not only this, but also Toto has microscopic surface ridges that are smaller than the waste particles. By this, you’ll never find any place for waste to gain a foothold. This unbearably hides the wastage by eliminating the microscopic gaps.

Correspondingly, Caroma has flexible installation toilet technology. It is known as an orbital technology that permits you to position the toilet suits anywhere you want. Most importantly, the unique adjustability between the Caroma’s connectors allows them to be used for a toilet that set-outs up to a radius of around 50 mm. A few connectors also allow you to set it up backward and forward motion for some set-out adjustment. But we must say the radial adjustment is unique to Orbital Technology.

Cleaning Procession

The Toto has the outburst technology that will clean the toilet bowl independently. Now ask me how? Toto has numerous functions, including e-water for want, tornado flash, and a rimless design that leaves no place for waste accumulation. They will clean the wastage at 360⁰ with zero failure. It’s awesome for the idle people who forget or hate to flush the toilet after having a piss.

Correspondingly, Caroma has less functionality for these affairs. But Caroma has shrouded pan and flush fitting connectors that reduce dusty spots to ease the cleaning procedures. Again, the china pan and plastic cistern are easy to clean and remove the wastage scars.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Caroma toilets made in Australia?

Yes, Caroma toilets are made in Australia. Caroma has been a renowned manufacturing part of Australia for 60 years. One of the best Caroma factories makes the china toilet pans and cisterns with the main raw material of clay.

What is special about a Toto toilet?

There is no doubt that every feature and functionality of the Toto brands is unique and special. They have still been the best model among the other brands for their washlet bidet functions: rear flushing, heated seats, automatic deodorizers, and warm jet flushing.

Is Caroma a good brand?

Of course, Caroma is a good brand. Since 1941, it has become a trusted household name and an admired brand. A lot of people in Australia are interested in Caroma tapware. Caroma also has some stringent quality standards all over the world.

Are Caroma products any good?

The rimless toilet cistern is a superb feature of these brands. Although this makes the toilet hinges a little higher, it’s comfortable to sit. In a word, it makes the toilet suits too easy to mop, flushes well as long as it minimizes the nasty ‘skid marks.’

Which Toilet Is For You?

Both Caroma vs Toto have some exceptional features. But to choose one of the most writable among them is a little challenging. Many things depend on these affairs. In that case, budget is the crucial fact you need to consider.

In simpler words, if you’re looking for an easy-to-use toilet suit, then go with Caroma. Also, Caroma boasts of its elongated bowl designs.

Comparatively, Toto is a great purchase for those who want high-end performances with luxury looks and designs. The most addictive part of this brand is to allow your toilet to stay clean forever with just one flush.

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