How To Install Delta Tub Spout – Easy Process for 3 Types Tub Spout

Are you looking for ways how to install Delta tub spout in your shower room. It’s effortless if you know your Delta tub spout type.

Don’t get worried as this plumbing project is way too easy, even for a novice user. But for that, you have to need some materials and tools that will help to install the spout.

Here, you will find a complete guide that will walk you through every step to install or replace a tub spout just like that.

How To Install Delta Tub Spout

You don’t need to work hard to install a tub spout as the process is quite simple. The best thing about the delta tub spout is the installation process is almost the same for all models.

The spout attachment allows inserting any pipe size according to the drainage system setup of the bathroom. Now, we will talk about the installation process of the spout for new users to ensure a refreshing shower.

Installing Delta slip-on tub spout

  • Take the new delta slip-on tub spout and slide it over the pipe that is coming out from the bathroom wall.
  • Push and hold the spout steadily against the wall
  • Next, take the set screw and insert them into the spout bottom and tighten up the screws with the Allen wrench.
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Installing Delta screw-on tub spout

Some washroom wall pipe requires a rear mount attachment. You have to check it before installing a tub spout. The attachment needs to be installed from the front.

You have to insert the attachment end in the spout without the threads for the rear mount installation. An O-ring end in the attachment works as a water leak preventer, and it will work as a thread. You have to make it hand-tight clockwise to place it properly. Wrap the pipe end with the plumber’s tape.

How to install Delta tub spout with diverter

Some tub spout comes with diverters that send water up to the showerhead, and some come with a built-in diverter.

While installing the spout, you have to check the extended nipple length.

  • If the nipple length is extended less than 3-quarters of an inch from the bathroom wall, pick the tub spout that comes with thread in the end.
  • If the nipple is extended to 4 inches from the wall, then you will need a spout that comes with the thread in the front.
  • Next, screw the spout until it touches the wall. Avoid using pliers and apply silicone caulk around the spout.

If you are installing a delta tub spout adapter with a set screw,

  • You first loosen the screw.
  • Next, apply waterproof grease to the copper nipple.
  • Lastly, push the spout and tighten the screw.

Installation is done!

This Video Will Help You Too!

Frequently Askrd Questions (FAQs)

How do you install a Delta tub spout with a diverter?

While installing tub spout, make sure it is a delta tub spout with a brass adapter. While installing the spout, place the adaptor on the pipe. Make sure it keeps the tube connected. After removing the O-ring, you have to clean the copper tube inside and outside properly. Use flux on the pipe and slip the brass adapter. To solder the adapter, apply heat to the pipe. Then cut away the excess pipe if required. Place the O- ring and install the threaded spout with your hand. Make sure to have no space between the spout and the bathroom wall.

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How far should a tub spout stick out?

In the installation guide, it is told that the spout nipple should be stick out from 3/8 inch to 3/4 inch from the finished wall surface.

How do you remove a tub spout with a set screw?

While starting the spout removing process, at first, keep the tub protected by placing a towel. Then remove the caulk around the spout. Now take an Allen wrench and remove the screw counterclockwise. You can pull out the spout after removing the screw.


After frequent spout use, you may experience water leakage from it. You don’t need a plumber’s help if you know how to install Delta tub spout using simple tools. While installing the spout, check out the spout type, pipe length.

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