Symmons Shower Valve Won’t Shut Off- Know Why And How To Fix

Are you a consumer of the Symmons shower? Have you ever noticed that your Symmons shower valve won’t shut off? If so, don’t worry. Sometimes these problems might emerge as a result of a broken valve disc or clogged cartridge mostly, but there can be some other issues as well.

A Symmons valve determines the flow or circulation of liquids. It is suitable for use in the drainage, heating, ventilation, and oil extraction sectors. It automates the process of maintaining a flow of water in tubes.

You may discover a plethora of videos on this subject on YouTube. There is no purpose in perusing incomprehensible explanations or watching worthless videos anymore. This article will look into the issue and why these valves won’t shut off properly.

Symmons Shower Valve Won’t Shut Off- Know Why?

Possible ReasonsPossible solution You can try
Bypass modeCheck blower turn on/off
Broken discReplace it
Clogged cartridgeClean and install a new one
Faulty ThermostatCheck valve
Faulty SpindleCheck or replace

You may wonder well if Symmons shower valve repair after encountering one of them. Follow the instructions in the upcoming sections to discover how to resolve the issue using the correct information and actions.

Here we will discuss the steps to how you can fix your issues. Let’s start –

Reason 1: If it’s in Bypass mode

Bypass mode is the most typical cause of failure of the Symmons valve to close. Take the following procedures to be sure that this isn’t the case:

Step 1: Begin by turning on your furnace.

Step 2: Then, inspect to verify if the blower is operational. If it doesn’t, you might have an issue with your furnace’s air compressor.

Step 3: When you see that the blower is turning on, you should power off your thermostat.

Still, if face any issue, then investigate whether there are any other possible causes in bypass mode or not.

Reason 2: Broken disc

When water flows throughout a Symmons valve, it is due to the cooperation of two pivoted plates that the valve operates. If either of these two primary elements is broken or jammed in some manner, the valve will not be able to close entirely and will remain open. Then you will find your Symmons shower valve leaking slowly to mild.

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Due to damage, dust, gravel, or any other contaminant, either one or more of those plates may be fractured or frozen tight. Another possibility is there is too much tension on the discs, which prevents them from turning off. If you discover that your valve disc is broken, follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Try to replace those discs.

Step 2: If you cannot do step 1, call a plumber or expert to give you the hand.

Reasons 3: Clogged with dirt

Dirt might cause problems that aren’t always obvious. Sometimes Symmons shower valve cleaning can resolve your issue. Here’s how to fix your problem if you follow these steps:

Step 1: To begin with, remove the handle. You may require a hexagon tool to extract the grip, which is often contained in a maintenance set.

Step 2: After that, remove the screws keeping the surface surrounding the handle in place.

Step 3: Then, it will be great if you can take out the retention clamp.

Step 4: Now, you can remove the chromium-based cover if you find it. To remove the cartridges, pull them out of the slot using little pliers.

Step 5: After that, take out the cartridges. With pliers, you can start removing certain cartridges. For some unique cases, you will need a specific wrench.

Step 6: Just after that, start by replacing the O-shaped rings.

Warning: Here, you have to examine the cartridges for mineral reserves and, if applicable, immerse them in acetic acid to purify them.

Step 7: Then, substitute the O-shaped rings and every other damaged component if its condition is good.

Step 8: Next, you can apply a small application of silicone lubricant to the rings before reinstalling.

Step 9: Eventually, you can proceed with the installation of a new cartridge.

If you follow the instructions, we hope that your issue will fix quickly. If not, then you should call a local plumber for help.

Reasons 4: Faulty Thermostatic

The shower valve is not turning off, and this issue could be due to a faulty thermostatic shower valve. You may not need a professional to remedy this sort of problem, notably if you’re an expert at craft projects. You can quickly fix a thermostat shower valve by following these simple steps.

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Step 1: You can pull the faucet lever lid with a flat tool to expose the nut you need to extract.

Step 2:To get rid of the lever handle, you’ll need to unscrew the screw under there.

Step 3: After removing the handle, remove the faceplate of the handle.

Step 4: While removing the faceplate, at this point, you will see a thermostatic valve through a hole in the wall.

If there is a stop check valve, close it. If not, then switch off the main water supply to your residence.

Step 5: Next, disconnect the valve cartridges after shutting off the water system.

It is necessary to extract bolts and nuts with some specific tools to consider removing the cartridge in order to do so.

Step 6: With the cartridge out of the way, you may disconnect the thermostatic system, as well as the hose and shower head from the water supply.

Step 7: After that, unplug the water supplies from the valve to remove the valve.

Step 8: Now, position the replacement valve in its proper location.

Step 9: Replace the components in reverse order of removal, re-opening the valve, and replace the faceplate and handle.

Step 10: As a final step, check the water temperature by turning it back on.

If you cannot do these ten steps on your own, then contact a professional.

Reasons 5: Faulty Spindle

This is a chromium-based pipeline, something which supports a hose. If you are having difficulty shutting off the faucet after using it or if water is seeping, the following steps may help.

Step 1: First, check whether the water source is off or not.

Step 2: Secondly, inspect the spindle’s grip to determine whether it is genuinely screwed or distorted in position.

Step 3: Next, consider disassembling the grip and re-assembling everything into location to see if it helps.

Step 4: If it still doesn’t work, try changing the handwheel with a similar-sized replacement.

If none of these options works, contact Symmonssupportand quality center right away for help and guidance with the problem at hand.

The easiest method to avoid a recurrence of this problem is to check the faucet tap frequently for indications of dislocation or jamming.

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What happens when a shower valve goes bad?

You might have a hard time turning the knob. You may also start experiencing temperature fluctuations, a breakdown of pressure changes, and malfunctions from your washer, among other things. If you have a defective shower valve, you must consider hiring a professional plumber immediately to minimize more harm.

How do you tighten a Symmons shower handle?

By using a wrench, you can tighten a Symmons shower handle easily. It would help if you thoroughly inspected the grip before being compressed to determine what induced it to become loose. Sometimes the knot is not really in position and is possibly lost. The handle will become lax. By repairing it, the handle will become more secure and tighten.


After reading thus far, we are confident that you find the answer to your Symmons shower valve won’t shut off the problem you may have encountered earlier.

Symmons Valve offers a wide range in the delivery of construction-related valves. We’ve gone over a slew of explanations and solutions, along with procedures and descriptions for your convenience.

Even after reading this, we expect you to try this procedure and these steps at your convenience. And you’ll see that you’re capable of achieving it on your own, without the help of anyone else. Nonetheless, if the shower valve is having severe issues, you have the option of either replacing it or calling in a plumber.

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