5 Reasons Why Your Toilet Bowl Won’t Hold Water

Maintenance of your toilet is as essential as maintaining any other plumbing system. All of us have faced different issues relating to the toilet once in a while. Sweaty toilets or bubbling toilets are widespread issues. Toilet-related problems occur if there’s damage or clogging to your toilet or there’s a flaw in your drainage and plumbing system. Sometimes, the toilet bowl won’t hold water and completely sinks your toilet dry, leading to no flush issue.

Unfortunately, it is a rare problem, and not holding water differs from toilet model to model. Toilet bowl trap damage or bowl crack or clogged bowl and different other reasons can cause this problem. We’ve explained below a preferred solution so you can take immediate action.

Crack in the toilet trapRepairing the toilet bowl
Clogged plumbing ventUnclogging the vent
Water level changesRegulating water pressure and changing plumbing system
Rusty shutoff valveTurn on the valve in counter clock manner
Temporary PlugsChange the rubber cap of the plug

Reason 1: Crack in The Toilet Trap

The worst thing about cracks is they are not easy to spot. Cracks can occur when you first bought them at home or at the time of installation. Also, it can crack itself for unknown reasons. But whatever the reason it is, this problem will cause your toilet bowl not holding water. Extreme temperature changes in your home or toilet space area can also cause cracks. This turns into another issue that is causing an extended crack in the toilet trap. So, besides the water is at a certain level, it drains through your drain, and if you have bad luck, then your bathroom.

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The first thing you need is waterproof Epoxy. Our experts recommend mixing the Epoxy in two parts and starting using it in thirty minutes because Epoxy starts to harden within 30 minutes.

Then turn off the water supply for the toiler. Take sandpaper and varnish the crack, and after waiting 10 minutes, apply the epoxy coat by wearing hand gloves.

After it dries, your repair should be done. In case the water is not staying in the toilet bowl, then contact a professional.

Reason 2: Clogged Plumbing Vent

A basic task of a plumbing vent is removing water and also waste from your toilet. Moreover, these can control the air pressure and the odor from your toilet. Usually, it is a vertical pipe that comes attached to your house sewerage system. So, your toilet plumbing is a combination of vent and drainage systems.

When this vent gets blocked for any reason, there’s a big possibility that the toilet won’t hold water in bowl. But most people face an overflow of water in the bowl because of clogged vents. You can test if your vent is blocked or not by flushing with cold and hot water. If you see water level changes within a minute, then you have a clogged vent.


In case you want to do it yourself, then climb up to your roof. Keep assistance to your toilet to check the flush. Grab a plumber’s snake, like the DrainX Drain Auger, and put it inside the vent to remove the clog.

However, if you don’t find any clog, that means the clog is deeper inside. Try using your garden hose to clear out the further clog. Then ask your assistant to flush. If the clog is removed correctly, there’ll be water in the bowl. But if there isn’t, contact a professional.

Reason 3: Water Level Changes

Water level can also be a reason why the toilet bowl won’t hold water level. A toilet works on the map of a U-shaped toilet trap. Whenever there’s waste, there’s enough space to push the waste using the water trap.

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For that, it’s necessary to have a minimum level of water pressure and level. Once there’s a very high water pressure and level, your toilet bowl will drop the minimum bowl water level to zero. That results in the toilet not functioning.


You need to contact a professional plumber rather than do your own. Call your plumbing service and check the water pressure and your plumbing system.

Also, let them check your toilet too to find the specific reasons. If the toilet bowl doesn’t hold water for water level, we’re afraid you have to change the full building plumbing system.

Reason 4: Rusty Shutoff Valve

While finding faults, try checking out your toilet’s shutoff handle or the shut-off valve. It is the main valve and switch that connects your toilet bowl water with the plumbing system. However, when your shutoff switch gets old and leaking, you will see that water won’t stay in the toilet bowl.


The easiest solution is to replace the valve with a new one. In case it’s old then you must switch it with a new valve. For leaks, we recommend fixing it with Epoxy or again buying a new one. But, if the valve is troubleshooting, a counter clock twist should do the work.

Reason 5: Temporary Plugs

Sometimes plumbers forget to plug out the plugs they put into your plumbing system. Typically they use these temporary clogs to fix the plumbing system of the other parts of the building.

Also, there can be plugs in the water supply valve of your toilet that might cause the toilet bowl won’t hold water level.


Go to your roof and check out the drainage plug. There’ll find a pipe beside the main valve. In case you find a separate pin, then pull it off.

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However, if you don’t see any, check the supply pipe water pressure or any leak. The problem should be solved if the water won’t stay in the toilet bowl due to temporary plugs.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Why Does My Toilet Bowl Empty Itself?

The main reasons are clogged plumbing vents or low water levels, or cracks in the water trap. Also, the bowl flapper might be leaked that triggers excess water leak, making the bowl weak.

How Do You Fix A Toilet Bowl That Doesn’t Hold Water?

First, identify which problem you are suffering from for the reasons mentioned here. Then call a professional or check your sewerage system to solve the water issue.


We highly recommend a half-yearly plumber check to avoid any sewerage issues. The fact that your toilet bowl won’t hold water is a sign of future plumbing problems and water pressure problems. It’s important to change your toilet if it is very old. If you don’t identify with any reason we mentioned above, immediately contact a professional before any further leak.

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