How To Turn on Different Types of Showers Right Way!

Suppose you have gotten ready to take shower in your relative’s house but it has a shower type with a unique valve-system to access water. After spending 30 minutes trying to shift the shower position, pushing, and twisting the knob, still you aren’t able to turn it on.

If you are also facing this kind of hassle, then it’s time to learn how to turn on different types of showers and do it rightly. As there are many showers in the market, a lot of people don’t know the proper way of using them.

Some have an electric feature that needs to be controlled by pressing the LCD screen. On the other than, a few come with a knob to pull or move in the left/right way to turn on the shower.

In this guide, we’ll talk about it and give a proper explanation so that you don’t ask others “can’t turn shower on, please help” and feel slightly awkward at a guest’s house. So, What Are We Waiting For!

A Sneak Peak Table on How to Turn on Different Types of Showers!

Turn on Showers Right Way

Most showers are designed to turn on or access differently and they need separate ways to get the job done. Let’s Learn each of their Process through the table!

Types Of ShowersIdeas To Turn It On
Electric showersClick on the push button
Digital showersAdjust the “Flow Rate” and press the Power bar
Mixer showersPull the handle of the left (cold) or right (hot) water line
Single valve showersMove the knob clockwise

Do you ever find it hard to switch on the bathroom fixture to take bath? It will give you a terrible feeling to find yourself dumb in front of your relatives or neighbors if nothings work rightly.

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According to Hunker,

Shower systems have a variety of different valve and knob configurations. These usually depend on the plumbing in the building, building codes or the way the shower was originally built. Some have a single knob, which you can swing to adjust the temperature from cold to hot. This type of knob usually opens both of those water lines and adjusts the temperature according to how far the user has turned the handle before the water is released from the spigot.

Well, you need to learn how many types of shower are available to then find out the ways to turn on those easily. There are basically 4 types of bathroom showers such as electric, digital, mixer, and single showers. You can tell the difference by looking into their knob and valve-system.

Turn On Electric Shower

  1. Locate the shower valve and knobs.
  2. Decide whether to use hot or cold water by turning the spinner at a certain temperature.
  3. Click on the push button to turn on the electric shower. And, that’s it.

Program Digital Showers

  1. Go to the bathroom and locate the LCD screen near to the shower.
  2. Using your figure, control the temperature of water and flow rate.
  3. Press the Power bar so that water flows from the showerhead smoothly.

Operate Mixer Shower

If you have a dual-valve and knob, then:

  1. Go to the restroom and find the 2-valve knob.
  2. Then, move the knobs in hot or cold water temperature to set. And, the water will flow once you move one outlet or knob.

If you have a triple-valve knob, then-

  1. Adjust the middle outlet or knob as it indicates the water temperature. Left for cold and right side for hot water supply.
  2. If you have to use both handheld and showerhead at the same time, then move the first knob in clockwise position. Both of them will turn on.
  3. Otherwise, shift the last knob and this also help to save bills.
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Switch On Single Valve Shower

  1. Simply just move the handle in one direction to turn on the water from the showerhead.
  2. And, twist the knob on the left or right side (if you have this feature) to ensure desired water temperature

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What kind of shower is best?

Nearly all experts find the cold shower is better than hot as it is great for increasing circulation. As soon as the cold-water flows on the skin, it not only gives massaging feel but also helps the blood to flow in the deeper tissue of your body. And, it helps the body temperature to get normal.

How do I choose a shower for my bathroom?

There is no right way that will help you to pick the best shower in the bathroom unless you do some research on it. Basically, the answer lays in your requirement. Start by, picking a standard style of shower that is wall-mounted.
And then, decide the size and length of it based on your bathroom space. It would be better if your picked one has better features and durability too.

How does a two-handle shower faucet work?

The 2-handle shower faucet is designed to use for both hot and cold-water supplies. You only need to turn it on by moving the handle in the left or right direction to decide the bath type and temperature level of water.

Overall Thoughts

Still asking how to turn on different types of showers? Hope not. As there are different varieties of showers in the house, you can easily turn them on by knowing the switch option and inner features one by one.

Basically, it would be wise to know each type of shower before knowing the usability in order to switch it on. Keep in mind not all showers are designed in the same way so they may have different adjusting options more like a customized version.

And also, some showers have smart technology that works if you just use your voice. However, if nothing works out, then it would be better to ask an expert or your friend for help. That’s All For Today. We’ll See You On Our Next Article!

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