Mop Sink Faucet Height – The Truth Untold!

Have you ever wondered how plumbers add new fixtures in the perfect way by calculating the ideal height during mop sink faucet installation? If so, maybe your head is questioning how they know that.

Just like proper toilet flange height, the mop sink faucet height is still a mystery among many owners who are new to this. A certain height of the faucet is actually fixed based on your mop sink dimensions.    

You will see some people claiming 36 inches is the perfect height, while others are suggesting to increase the height of the mop sink faucet for up to 42 inches. And, that is where people get confused as they get 2 different answers for one question.

In this guide, we’ll talk about that in detail and give you an in-depth explanation about this topic so that you can learn and add it by yourself. What Are We Waiting For? Let’s Get Into It!

Learn About The Mop Sink Faucet Height & Its Factors!

The ideal height of the mop sink faucet is around 14.5” to 15” (368 mm – 381 mm). And if counting from the floor, the mop sink faucet should be 36” to 42” in height.

In the standard mop sink faucet spec sheet, it has a fixed height that most people can add. A lot of them claim that the height of it will be no more than 14.5” to 16” counting the larger sizes if measuring from the spout reach.

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According to the author of HomeArise,

The standard height for a mop sink faucet is 14.5” – 15’’ (364mm). It usually comes with a ¾’’ garden hose thread. The faucet has two taps and they are 8’’ apart. The mop sink height should be around 6”-12”. The faucet is placed on top of the sink leaving around 24”-30” space in between.

And, if you count from above the floor, the height of the mop sink faucet is around 36” to 42” in general. Most of the time it has 2 taps which are distanced around 8 inches to ensure both hot and cold water supply.

However, you can use any heightened faucet if you know the mop sink size. There are 3 factors that determine the faucet height of the mop sink at ease. And, they are:

  • Mop Sink Dimensions: The standard size of it is 20” x 16” x 6” (L x W x H). And it helps greatly to give the right idea of the faucet height.  
  • Central Distance: If your old mop sink has pre-drilling screws, then measure the distance of it which should be around 8 inches. And then, measure the holes from the top to the end that determines the height of the faucet.
  • Mop Sink Area: Sometimes the surroundings help locate the right height of the mop sink faucet.

Warnings: Be sure to adjust the height of the mop sink faucet as close to 3 feet to avoid getting water splash or unreachable source of water.

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is a mop sink required by code?

Yes! As the mop sink has to be located in a place that stops pollution of food making, storage, utensils, or other kitchen needed areas, so it needs a code of approval. This way you can freely add it that won’t cause the hassle by breaking rules.

What is the difference between faucet height and spout height?

The dissimilarity between them is visible if you know the parts. Basically, if you count the distance of the outlet knob to the spout reach, it indicates the total faucet height. On the other hand, the spout height refers to the total length of the aerator to spout reach. The spout height will be smaller than the faucet height.

Where should a mop sink be?

The mop sink has to be near to the floor or downside areas that help waste and water to flow easily and fill the bucket at the same time. As you will need to mop the floor, then it has to be placed near to the open space that doesn’t give the hassle to lift bucket or place the mop to wash off.

Can a mop sink be in a bathroom?

A lot of houses set up mop sinks near or inside the bathrooms that the water can flow in the same drain to save bucks. However, it is prohibited by law rule to use the laundry trays and sinks for service or mop sink. Most experts suggest using a mop sink in a separate area.

Final Thoughts

And, that’s pretty much all that you need to know about the mop sink faucet height. To put it simply, there is no exact size that works for all as it actually matters based on the mop sink dimension.  

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Basically, you have to think of the center distance and surrounding things to easily find the best height of the mop sink faucet. We have tried our fullest to present an explained guide so that you can easily pick and install a new one with no regret.

Hope this article didn’t fail to satisfy with good ideas and facts about the right height of the mop sink faucet. Now, It’s Time to Bid Farewell.

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