Finally, Here’s The American Standard Toilet Parts Diagram!

Installations are not easy, especially if it’s a toilet about which we are talking. American standard toilets are not any different.

You will find difficulties at times during the assembly process. However, that does not mean, it’s not feasible to complete the assembly all by yourself.

Without calling a professional! Yes, that’s why you must check an American standard toilet parts diagram and understand how these components come together for the installation.

American standard toilet parts consist of a tank, flush valve, side trip lever, bowl & its mounting parts, seat, lid, cap assembly, roller clamp, refill tube, angle adapter clip, O ring and toilet bolt cap.

Below you shall find more.

The American Standard Toilet Parts Diagram & Details!

To find replaceable parts, look at the illustration of toilet parts from the American Standard brand. Here’s the diagram:

Explaining The Illustrated Parts

As the above picture doesn’t contain detail (except for numbers), I’ll explain the American Standard toilet parts list below.

A Means Tank

It’s a cover that holds the American Standard toilet tank parts like the flush valve, adapter assembly, and FluidMaster water control. It also comes with a lid to hide the interior section.

B Means Cap Assembly

Being a black plastic piece, this sits on top of the FluidMaster water control assembly. It includes the diaphragm and float lever fulcrum.

C Means Roller Clamp & Refill Tube

It might look like a hose, but this contains a roller ball clamp and refill tube (black hose-like thing) to indicate the level of water inside the tank. This thing helps to flow the water in the seat to drain when you hit the flush lever.

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D Means Angle Adapter Clip 

This item helps to keep the refill tube in the correct position while indicating the overflow pipe at the same time. It also helps prevent the overflowing of water.

E Means Flush Valve

It contains almost all the American Standard toilet flush partsincluding a hairpin cotter and 8.8125” pipe. With the help of a refill tube, this thing let users control the flushing aspects by sliding the lever. 

F Means O Ring

It’s a rubber seal that fits inside the flush valve components. This thing prevents leakage by confirming the needed sealing.

G Means Side Trip Lever

With this part, one can slide it down to flush out the waste inside the toilet bowl. It is made out of stainless steel and finished in chrome.

H Means Mounting Parts of Toilet Bowl

It comes with 2 screws, 2 metal mounting plates, 2 plastic bolts, one gasket, and so on. These things ensure holding the bowl to the floor and tank to the gasket in a proper way.

I Means Bowl, Seat, & Lid

In the diagram, you can see the bowl where people fulfill their sanitization works by sitting. And it comes with the American Standard toilet seat parts like the lid and seat. Basically, the seat lets users do the work in comfort, and the lid help to cover the bowl.

J Means Toilet Bolt Cap

Built out of plastic (white in shade), this component usually gives a finished look to the toilet by hiding the bolts in the endpoint.

American Standard Toilet Parts Assembly

American Standard Toilet Parts Assembly

The assembly will need you to start with some preparation. And this involves closing the supply valve to disconnect the water supply. You also want to flush the toilet. So that water is drained.

Now take out the tank lid. Next, you want to detach the refill tube from the overflow pipe. Make sure to drain all water from a tank at this point.

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You should be wearing rubber gloves to keep your hands free from dirt. And get a sponge as well as a bucket to catch the leftover water from the bowl easily.

You also want to remove the old tank from the bowl and later the bowl using a hacksaw blade if cutting is required.

At this point the gas may escape into your house, so try to cover the drain hole using an old rag. You should get rid of the wax seal from the floor and prepare the drain hole.

And Next This is How You Need to Assemble The New Toilet

  • Now use caulk around the new bowl base. You want to be extra careful while placing the new wax ring on the floor. This should be between the bolts.
  • Next, carry the new bowl to the drain hole. You may need extra hands for help here. Carefully guide the bowl to the drain hole.
  • Check for any rocking motion of the toilet. If there are such movements, the wax ring seal will break and result in leaks. So, an even placement is necessary. You can use washers to fill any gaps and prevent the issue.
  • Place the bolts to secure the fixtures you fixed till now. You don’t want to overtighten anything. You need to attach the tank to the bowl by screwing the bolts next.
  • While reattaching the water supply, consider checking the lines and replacing them if there are issues. Don’t forget to hold the hose when you seal as this will help in pointing towards the fill valve and you are able to screw connectors properly.
  • The final step is making sure the toilet is level. You also want to turn the water supply on to check for leaks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I find my American Standard toilet model?

To find your American Standard toilet model, you need to check the underneath of the tank lid. There you will find the 4-digit number starting with a 4,3 or 2.

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Why does my American Standard toilet keep running?

There are many causes that can result in running toilets. But most likely it is one out of three reasons. The flapper might be dirty, or even worse broken.

The chain between the flapper and flush lever could be too long or short. And it could also happen from a mispositioned float/flapper.

Wrapping Up

And there you have it. Now use this American standard toilet parts diagram as well as an explanation to understand each component well. And then try the assembly yourself, of course carefully.

But don’t get disappointed if you still cannot find the courage to try the installation yourself. That happens, especially when you are not a mechanically inclined person.

Contact a professional and they shall get the installation done for you.

I will see you in my next piece soon, take care till then!

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