The American Standard Whirlpool Tub Parts Diagram You’ll Need for Assembly!

Bathtubs from American Standard are popular for a reason. Not just a  wide range of sizes but also shapes, configurations, and depths are there for you to pick and purchase according to your bathroom requirements.

Whirlpool baths are one of the two most popular tubs available from this brand. The water jet shooting of Whirlpool makes it a great mechanism to enjoy bath time.

However, after getting the measurements right, you must also make the assembly go smoothly. And that’s where an American Standard Whirlpool Tub parts diagram will help.

So, the Whirlpool tub parts are Escutcheon Assembly, nozzle assembly, body assembly, jets, PVC tubing, actuator cap & body, pump, couplings, gaskets, some fittings, and more.

Let’s directly jump into the actual depiction for better understanding.

The American Standard Whirlpool Tub Parts Diagram!

Although you can’t see them, the whirlpool tub has tons of inner gears underneath that cause water supply. Let me show you the whirlpool tub parts of American Standard in picture format.

List Of The American Standard Whirlpool Tub Parts

To clearly know the meaning of the numerical data in the drawing, take a look at the given details of each component.

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PartParts NamePurpose
1Discharge Tee (T-connector)It’s a fitting that connects 3 pipes together.
2Heater Blank GasketThis part helps to fit the pipe tightly. It also reduces the chances of leakage.
3Pump Discharge CouplingThis is a fitting kit that includes a gasket, O-ring, and pump adapter. It usually connects to the pump mechanism.
4Pump Suction CouplingIt’s a fitting kit that fits on the side of the pump and ensures a stable fitting through the pipe.
5Safety Suction DeviceThis fitting is similar to a discharge tee but long. The operation is to connect separate pipes in 3 directions.
61-1/2” Rigid PVC TubingIt’s a long pipe that connects in 2 separate directions to ensure water supply to the tub.
7Suction Fitting ElbowTo ensure proper suction of water to dive into a direction, this part does the job well.
8Suction FittingThis component kit helps to function the suction system that flows water in a direction. 
9Idealflow Escutcheon AssemblyIt’s a plate that hides the open path of the idealflow. This includes an eyeball, O-Ring, poly ring, & escutcheon in the kit that secures the nozzle fittings in place.
10Ideal flow Nozzle AssemblyIt’s a common kit that let the water come from the pump assembly through the connected pressure pipeline.
11Idealflow Body AssemblyThis is a fitting part that connects to the nozzle assembly.
12Idealflow Jets (Left + Right)It gives different levels of massaging shower experience when you are inside the tub.
13Flex Jet Body AssemblyIt’s a special kind of jet that flows water in roto, twin roto, vortex, or massage style. In total, you’ll find 4 of them in a whirlpool tub.
14Flex Jet Escutcheon AssemblyThis is a metal plate that hides the hole of the flex jet which sits inside the whirlpool tub.
15Flex Jet Nozzle AssemblyIt simply mixes water-air mixture flow that reaches the bathers inside the tub.
161/2” Rigid PVC TubingIt’s a small size pipe that connects the other pipes. 
171” Rigid PVC TubingThis is a fitting that connects the pipes to shift water in a direction.
18Air Actuator Cap & BodyThis part connects to the pump that turns on or off the water supply from the jets.
19PumpIt helps water circulation all over the tub and other parts of the system.
20Silent Air Control ValveThis helps to circulate air all over the system without making noise.

American Standard Whirlpool Tub Parts Assembly

Before starting the process, you should thoroughly read the American standard whirlpool tub manual for special instructions or warning that needs your attention.

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To install the whirlpool, you’ll need not-included gears like a drill bit with driller, Phillips screw bit, tape measure, safety glasses, hammer, and so on. Now, do the following steps.

  • Install an outlet nearby the whirlpool. Be sure it’s at least 6” above the floor and able to reach.
  • Insert the tub in the pre-planned spot. Ensure the tub is even according to length and width. Do the measurements to build the framework and then take the tub out.
  • Make the framework according to the shape of the tub. Confirm that framing parts are square, even, and proper in design.
  • Add an access panel that is at least 16” x 16” to fit in the pump, electrical connections, and other equipment beneath.
  • Spread casting plaster around the floor to limit the size of the bed. Then, place the framework by tapping it so the part sits properly.
  • Now, place the tub in the gap of the framework and level it. Be sure all the connectors, drain lines, and other accessories are connected as well.
  • Install the skirt panels on the framed skirted (framework). 
  • Add the standard removable panels. Done!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can whirlpool tub jets be replaced?

You can replace American whirlpool parts such as the jets. However, make sure the new jets are from the same manufacturer.
Or else the fitting may go off. And you can also check the local home improvement stores and ask someone there to find you an interchangeable option using the measurements.

Are all hot tub jets universal?

The hot tub jets are partially universal. I mean you can find jets that are of the same size and use it. However, failing to get the size right would invalidate the whole purpose.

Wrapping Up

So now you have the American Standard Whirlpool Tub parts diagram, explanation, and assembly details. Hopefully, you will try it and get the results you are looking for.

However, keep in mind, it’s absolutely okay not to be able to pull off the installation yourself. And in that case, a hired installer person can help you. Don’t shy away from contacting them.

That’s It! See you again in my next piece soon!

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