Much Requested Delta Kitchen Faucet Parts Diagram Is Here!

The right instructions, which are also easy to understand are an absolute must-have if you want to assemble your new Delta kitchen faucet.

And having a sound understanding of its parts will also be necessary. Something, I believe a Delta kitchen faucet parts diagram shall help a lot with. Perhaps that’s why there were so many requests sent to us for covering this topic.

So here I am. Now, what are the common parts of Delta kitchen faucets?

The kitchen faucet from Delta consists of parts such as a handle or lever, spout, aerator, diverter valve, escutcheon, mounting gasket, set screw, the cap for the handle, rings, seat, springs, nuts, and washers.

Below is the diagram and some explanation to get you started with the assembly process.

The Delta Kitchen Faucet Parts Diagram!

Although Delta offers diverse designs for kitchen faucets, the most basic type is a single-handle one with no side spray. Here’s a visual illustration of it:

Delta Shower Faucet Diagram

List Of Delta Kitchen Faucet Repair Parts!

Now if you notice the illustration, it’s not remarkably similar to the delta shower faucet diagram even when both faucets comes from the same brand. To understand the above diagram, look at the given table that explains all the components of the Delta kitchen faucet:

Part DetailsFunction
AHandle or LeverIt controls the flow of water which can be pulled up or down.
BSet ScrewIt reduces the extra movement and controls thread.
CHandle CapHolds the handle or lever in place by hiding the internal hole.
DSpoutThis part provides the water flow from the body to the mouth.
EAeratorIt fits in the spout mouth lessening the water speed and splashing.
FSlip RingIt’s a round ring that blocks the water from leakage.
GCam & PackingIt fits in between the ball assembly and spout. This maintains the water temperature.
HBall ValveIt is made out of steel that controls the liquid flow by shutting off.
ISeat & Spring (2x)It’s a fitting set that holds the interior part. 
JSpout O Ring (2x)Eliminate water leaks by blocking the path of liquid to flow around. You’ll find two of them in the Delta kitchen faucet set.
KDiverter ValveIt stops the liquid that comes out of the spout mouth and shifts the path to the side sprayer if the faucet system contains a side sprayer.
LEscutcheonThis part hides the hole in the wall. It’s a big metallic plate that covers up the path of the pipe. 
MMounting GasketIt’s a rubber or plastic gasket that fits right below the escutcheon to hold the washer and nut through the attached screw (below the escutcheon).
NNut & Washer (2x)Holds the gasket in place tightly and lessens relative movement.

Delta Kitchen Faucet Parts Assembly

Delta Kitchen Faucet Parts Assembly

The manual will have the entire assembly described, but not everyone enjoys the monotonic instructions. So let me briefly give you some idea of how to conduct the assembly process.

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This is a rough assembly guide for the single-handle pull-down variant of the kitchen faucet provided by Delta. As it is quite basic and would be perfect to give you a groundwork understanding of the process.

If you are assembling some other model, try also reading the manual afterward so that the instructions make more sense.

You will need an Allen wrench, screwdriver, and also an adjustable wrench for the assembly along with the delta kitchen faucet parts already provided in the box.

Finally follow the given instructions:

  • Get rid of the old faucet first and also keep the water supply to the sink turned off.
  • Now you want to feed the spray hose through the spout of the faucet. Make sure the direction is right for guiding and it needs to travel through the hub.
  • The hub clip and spout’s back hole should be aligned with each other for snapping into place. You may need some back-and-forth motion here to get the snap right.
  • Now you want to attach the hose end to the sprayer. And to make this connection just use your hand. Make sure the sprayer is firmly sitting while you keep working.
  • For mounting the faucet, you might need a gasket and escutcheon. And this will depend on the material and thickness of your countertop.

IMPORTANT – Some models may not have the gasket and escutcheon included in the box, if so, you need to buy them separately.

  • Finally, you need to insert the faucet through the countertop’s mounting hole.
  • The mounting bracket that looks like a U shape component will go under the sink over the shank while the supply lines fit inside this bracket. You want to tighten the nuts onto the shank using an Allen wrench after using the proper placement of the faucet.
  • Let the weight of the hose slide over the hose and let the end securely go into the outlet of the faucet. You can use clips to keep things in place.
  • You need to attach the water supply lines by running hot and cold water lines to their corresponding water supply. You may need an adapter if the compression fitting fails to fit with the valve of the supply.
  • Loop long lines and make sure there’s no kink. And screw the lines tight enough with your hand and adjustable wrench later.
  • Turn full on the faucet handle so that water can run for half a minute or more to clear all debris from the line. You should also check for leaks. And the assembly is done!
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where is the model number on a kitchen faucet Delta?

The model number on a kitchen faucet from Delta should be near the top of the box. You may also check the UPC code closer areas. If your model is made after 2012, then the model number tag should be there.

How do you fix a dripping Delta kitchen faucet?

Several delta kitchen faucet parts could be responsible for the dripping problem. However, it could be due to the mineral Point build up that you may clean by removing the ball, gasket, and springs. Or it can also be due to damaged springs that need a replacement.

Wrapping Up

And there you have it, the delta kitchen faucet parts diagram to use and complete the assemble.

Now I could be just assuming, but that’s usually what a parts diagram is needed for. If it’s due to a replacement process, you should always check the manual first to make sure you are getting all the notes specific to that model right.

And repairs could be dealt with if it’s not a pretty big one. However, do keep in mind that severe problems with parts may require expert handling.

On that note, I will excuse myself for today, see you again soon!

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