American Standard Kitchen Faucet Parts Diagram with Assembly!

Kitchen faucets are not hard to assemble, and this applies to the American standard ones as well. However, it’s impartial that you spend some time finding the parts in depth and know the process of assembly. The best starting point is checking an American standard kitchen faucet parts diagram, don’t worry I have put it down for you.

The American standard kitchen faucet parts consist of a handle/knob, cartridge, and its screws, aerator, diverter, Escutcheon and its cap, spray holders, button & screw kit, spout, spout & seal kit, spacer & seal kit, mounting metal kit, pipe cap, hand spray, and hose.

You will get to see these parts in the diagram given below. Plus, you can use the small assembly section to fix these parts together.

American Standard Kitchen Faucet Parts Diagram with Details!

Instead of beating around the bush, let me show you the drawing of American Standard kitchen faucet parts and then explain the details. 

NumberPart DetailFunction
1Handle Or KnobLet you control (by turning on or off) the water supply.
2Button & Screw KitIncludes screw for the handle, cold or hot water indicator button, and hex key to secure the fitting.
3Escutcheon CapCovers the gap around the base of the cartridge. 
4Cartridge Screw (3x)Reduces the leak from the gap with solid thread and it controls water flow.
5CartridgeThe American Standard kitchen faucet cartridge is a plastic piece that controls the water flow.
6AeratorIt is a small piece that lessens the water amount to flow from the faucet and handles the stream.
7SpoutFlows water from the mouth of the faucet.
8Spout Seal KitIncludes washer and O ring that ensure no leakage from the metal parts.
9DiverterLet you divert or shift the liquid in front and back directions.
10Escutcheon (Including Spray Hole + Putty Plate)It’s a metal plate that hides the gap in the pipe. This also includes a spray hole and putty plate.
11Spray HolderThis part fits inside the faucet spout body.
12EscutcheonIt’s a round plate that sits in the pipe.
13Spacer & Seal KitThe spacer creates around a 2” – 4” gap between the deck and the spout body. And the seal secures the fitting and lessens leakage.
14Deck (Escutcheon + Putty Plate)It’s a huge metal putty plate that hides the pipes that sit in the basin. This also has a hole for the spout body.
15Mounting Metal KitIncludes a metal mounting plate, metal washer, rubber gasket, and 3 metal screws that secure the bin deck escutcheon in place.
16Pipe CapCreates a grip to hold the hose of the hand spray.
17Spray HolderIncludes one spacer, metal plate, and big bolt to ensure hand spray works inside the hose properly.
18Hand Spray & HoseFlows water from the water supply and works like a faucet.

American Standard Kitchen Faucet Parts Assembly

American Standard Kitchen Faucet Parts Assembly

There are a few things you will need for the assembly. Get a flat head and a Philips head screwdriver. Then you also need an adjustable wrench as well as a pipe wrench. A bucket, some old towels, a flashlight, a tape measure some plumber’s putty or caulking are also optionally needed, but not essential.

  • Turn the water supply off to start. You want to check the seal and make sure it is seating right in the spout base recess.
  • All the hoses and shank shall go through the mounting ring and mounting surface. No need to use any putty for this step by the way.
  • Next, you need to feed the hoses through washers and locknuts. You want those to go through the rubber washer and brass washer. Also, the threaded locknut onto the sink underside shank. Or basically the mounting surface.
  • The locknut should be tight enough. And use the screwdrivers for the screws located close to the locknut. Make sure there’s even pressure so that there’s no negative impact on the Moen kitchen faucet.
  • Then you need to connect the flexible supply hose to the wall supplies. This has to be done serially. First, connect the blue nylon braided supply hose with the hot side of the wall supply. And then for the cold side, you need to connect the red nylon braided supply hose.
  • Tighten the connections using an adjustable wrench. Make sure there’s no chance of overtightening.
  • And lastly, you need to push the spray hose end. So that it goes into the hose connector. It should snap in place, keep sliding down the locking collar for that. The hand spray should be seating in the spout. Then fix the weight and use a screwdriver to secure it in place.
  • Now all you need to do is turn the water supply on and enjoy your new Moen kitchen faucet.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I know what model my American standard faucet is?

You can easily tell what model American standard faucet you have by checking the manual. You can also try reading the paperwork that you got while purchasing it. This model number will be necessary for getting a replacement part in the case that’s what you are aiming for.

How do you fix a leaking American Standard kitchen faucet?

Fixing a leaking faucet is the same no matter whether it is an American standard bathroom faucet or kitchen faucet.
You must identify the root of the leakage and then fix the problem specifically. In some cases, you may need to replace certain faulty parts. And if you are out of luck, then the whole faucet will need replacement.

Wrapping Up

And there you have it. That was the American standard kitchen faucet parts diagram and brief assembly instructions I wanted to share.

Hopefully, you won’t face much problem identifying these parts now. And the faucet will be assembled well for you and your family to start using inside the kitchen.

I would still recommend watching a few videos of assembly if possible and don’t forget the manual. You want to check for important notes before starting the installation.

That’s it! I will be back with more soon, take care!

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