Steps for Delta Shower Cartridge Troubleshooting?

Indeed, the Delta shower valve is a high-quality product from a reputed brand; still, the shower valve cannot prevent water leakage. Consequently, you’ll have to adjust yourself with several types of delta shower cartridge problems, including discoloration or staining at the washroom wall.

Now how to do delta shower cartridge troubleshooting? If you want to prevent water leakage, you must repair your Delta shower valve as soon as possible. Otherwise, the water leakage might cause severe types of accidents connecting with the electricity unexpectedly.

Let’s walk away to the solution of repairing your delta shooter cartridge troubleshooting.

How to Do Delta Shower Cartridge Troubleshooting?

Falling corrosion into the shower cartridge is one of the most common delta shower cartridge issues. But this isn’t the only reason. There are more causes of the delta shower cartridge not working.

To provide you with a broad idea, we have listed them below.

Probable CausesSolutions
Nuts and bolts around the shower cartridge might become looseTighten the loose nuts and bolts.
The shower cartridge might wear out.Replace the shower cartridge with another one.
Improperly installed Shower cartridgeRemove the shower cartridge and install it properly.
Unfit Shower cartridge sizeChoose the right fit of the shower cartridge.
Poor quality Shower cartridgeBuy a high-quality shower cartridge and install it.
Defective or faulty shower cartridgeReplace the shower cartridge with the high-quality branded shower cartridge

How Do You Fix A Delta Cartridge?

No matter the cause of water dripping, you must open up the shower cartridge to replace its parts. Now, the question comes how do you fix a delta cartridge?

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Fortunately, repairing the Delta cartridge is easy within 1 hour due to mixed chambers and seals.

Tools That’ll Be Required

  • Thin bladed knife or screwdriver
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Handle puller
  • Pocket knife
  • New cartridge
  • Plumber’s Grease

Step 1: Shut Off the Water Supply

Before you start repairing the shower Cartridge troubleshooting, shut off the water supply. The flow of water supply will disrupt your work of replacing or repairing the shut-off valve.

Step 2: Pry off the Decorative Handle Cap

Pry off the decorative handle cap of the faucet Using a screwdriver.

Use a thin-bladed knife to remove the decorative handle cap when there’s an unavailability of a screwdriver.

After opening the handle cap, you’ll expose the nuts and bolts around, and the middle of the faucet handle.

Step 3: Bring out the Handle Screw

So, now you can see the screw and nuts or the cartridge handle which are holding the handle. Turn the same screwdriver clockwise like before to remove those screws and nuts.

Step 4: Remove the Handle and Trim plate

After removing the nuts and bolts, you can easily reach the faucet handle. Remove the faucet handle using your hand and go towards the trim plate.

Step 5: Bring Out the Retaining cap

It is time to bring out the retaining cap of the shower faucet if you’ve removed the handle. So, without bringing out the retaining cap, you cannot remove the cartridge. Use the screwdriver or knife to bring out the retaining cap easily from its position.

Step 6: Unscrew the nuts and bolts

Unscrew the shower cartridge attaching nuts and bolts with a flat-head screwdriver. After you unscrew them, you won’t need to give much effort to pull the cartridge.

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Step 7: Pull the Cartridge Out

Now, pull the shower cartridge out from its position. If you cannot remove the cartridge, then you must use a cartridge puller.

After that, soak the cartridge into the white vinegar for a whole night to resolve the minerals.

Step 8: Remove the Sealant from the Cartridge

Use the same screwdriver or knife to remove the sealant from the cartridge.

Step 9: Install the old Cartridge or Replace it with New Ones

If the corrosion on the old cartridge is removed with the use of vinegar, then you can re-install the cartridge. Otherwise, you must learn how to replace delta shower cartridges with your new ones.

Before installing the new cartridge, apply the new sealant or plumber grease onto the cartridge place. Afterward, assemble the new or old cartridge with the sealant.

Using the adjustable wrench, attach the nuts, bolts, and handle that you’ve removed to replace the cartridge.

Step 10: Check the Leakage or the Shower Cartridges Effectivity

Turn on the water supply and then check the shower cartridge’s effectiveness.

If the water doesn’t leak after turning on the water supply, then you’re ready to go. Otherwise, re-check the nuts and bolts connectivity, and then replace the old shower cartridge when you have used the old shower cartridge.

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do You Test A Shower Cartridge?

After installing the shower cartridge, you must check whether the shower is working properly or not. Turn on the shower of cold water for 10 to 15 seconds. If the shower is giving a continuous flow of water, then the shower is ready to use. Apply the same process when you’ve just repaired your hot water shower cartridge.

Can A Shower Cartridge Get Clogged?

Yes, a shower cartridge might get clogged. The reduction of water flow accumulates the drip into the shower cartridge. Consequently, the shower cartridge might clog and reduce the water flow.

How Long Does A Delta Shower Cartridge Last?

Almost 30 years to 40 years. The Delta shower cartridge is very long-lasting, and durable which might last almost 30-40 years.

The Sum Up!

Dripping water or warm and cold mix-up of water is a common problem that might occur in your delta shower. When your washroom faucet starts to leak or provides dripping water, you should understand the shower cartridge is having difficulties.

So, how to do Delta Shower Cartridge Troubleshooting? Repairing the Delta Cartridge troubleshooting is too easy. Just follow our instructions above and repair or replace your old shower cartridge.

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