4 Things You Should Do If The Grohe Kitchen Faucet Won’t Swivel

What if you suddenly find that your grohe kitchen faucet won’t swivel? A swivel kitchen faucet is necessary to wash your hands, clean a cookie sheet, or drain pasta. When it doesn’t swivel, all of these acts become aggravating. It’s because the faucet is in the way.

Don’t worry, don’t let these small incidents ruin your whole day. A swivel issue often occurs due to excessive junk and debris inside the faucet that prevents it from moving freely. Although, there are many possible ways and reasons by which you can fix the problem in about 10-minutes. So let us get started.

Know Why Grohe Kitchen Faucet Won’t Swivel

The grohe kitchen faucets may not swivel for several reasons. Maybe there are built-in germs or accommodation of debris inside the faucet. Sometimes it will prevent the faucet from moving easily. On the other hand, the kitchen sleeve inside the faucet’s neck may get rubbed against the metal.

 Due to these two sorts of reasons, the faucet won’t move or turn to and fro. To fix those issues, either you have to remove the faucet with a wrench and clean it properly. Unlike this issue, here we discuss some basic issues behind this concern. Check it to figure out which trouble may give you such a panic.

Reasons for Grohe Faucets not Swivelling  Fixes You May Try
Lack of lubrication inside the armsUse any lubricating elements to make it swivel (oil, grease, or fabrics)
Faulty O ringsReplace it
The damage or disassembled problem inside the hose pipe underneath the faucetRemove the hose pipe, and again assemble it inside the faucet
Water supplying tube head is getting twisted under the sinkTry to reshape the tube like the telephone cord
Junks of limestone inside the faucetclean it or purify the water to get rid of lime

So, these are 5 common reasons that your Grohe faucet won’t swivel righteously. Most of them can be solved at home if there is no manual difficulty inside the faucet.

Anyway, whenever you feel trouble turning the faucet swivel, try out these procedures to solve the issue asap.

Replace The O’ rings 

To begin, disconnect the water supply. Then try to repair the unit until you can lift the mouth off and away from the base unit.

After that, change the “O” rings. Use a good heat/water-resistant grease here to lubricate the O ring. It is best to use plumbers grease, which is available at hardware stores. After that, reassemble all the other parts in the same order that you disassembled them.

Rearrange The Twisted Head Tube

Try the second method to fix it if the first doesn’t work. Turn off the faucet before checking under the sink. Check there to inquire if the flexible water supplying tube is twisted or not.

With the faucets there, you find a sprayer that works to double as a sprayer. It is a tube that resembles the electrical greenfield conduit.

The swivel problem often happens when the faucet head gets turned during use. It will never get unwound and cause knots under the sink. This can prevent the faucet from being able to swivel.

It looks like a supply tube, similar to a telephone cord. There is no reason it gets twisted, but it may get damaged or twisted for simple usage. See if you’re still able to get to swivel the faucet or not.

Turn Off The Water & Losing The Screws

Sometimes, the kitchen faucet won’t swivel because of some mechanical concern. Maybe you’ve unnecessarily opened or closed the faucet. So try to turn off the water and reassemble the screws. Disconnect the hot and cold water switches. Then check the pipes underneath the counter to see how they pass through it. 

Two Phillips head screws and a washer are traditionally used to hold a faucet in place. If these screws are not tightened properly, the faucet may become loose. So unscrew the bolts by turning The left side. Do not remove them completely. Just make a minimum looseness that needs a little wiggle room.

Check The Weight Under The Sink 

This is the fifth thing that you need to try. Make sure the hose is not too heavy under the sink. In either case, the hose cannot be pulled back into place if it is too high. If so, try lowering the weight beneath the sink. 

Remove the hose from the sink. Spray a little silicone that will help to loosen up the swivel. Silicone spray has less toxicity to harm the rubber washer, and metallic handle. So you can use this, certainly. Or take help from an expert plumber to fix the problem.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you fix a faucet that won’t swivel?

The best way to fix a faucet that won’t swivel is by applying some silicone plumbers grease upon it. Also, apply on the upper and lower sleeve edges too. Then replace the sleeve over the faucet body and tighten this with the screw nuts. Thus, it won’t swivel as well.

Why does my kitchen faucet not swivel?

The faucets in your kitchen won’t swivel for a variety of reasons. As soon as this occurs, the spout sleeve slides across both upper and lower areas to prevent o-ring leakage. O-rings here maintain a bearing that lets the spout swivel. So try to assemble the spout properly and free from becoming gummed up to prevent it from swiveling problems.

How do you lubricate a Grohe faucet?

Lubrication of the Grohe faucet can be achieved by applying a small amount of silicone grease. Apply it inside the two rubbero-rings that are situated on the faucet body. Lubricate the inside of the spout as well. Then place it back using a gentle twisting motion. Lastly, swing the faucet spout back and forth to ensure that it can move freely.


To solve the issue of the Grohe kitchen faucet won’t swivel, you need to penetrate this with some lubricants. A Grohe faucet can usually tighten up due to corrosion or the accumulation of minerals. So it’s really important to justify which area you’re living in.

If the water supply has too much limescale in your area, cleaning the faucet with lukewarm water and vinegar is acceptable. Both of the circumstances require the disassembly of the faucet to clean the binding surfaces.

Try to penetrate the swivel area using WD40 to avoid such situations in the future. At last, try to figure out the swiveling failure, then go for the solutions fast.

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