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One of the most important fittings of a shower has to be the shower valve. As it stays in charge of water flow control. And also, the temperature of the water. There’s no need for imagining how comfortable this part makes a shower. After a long day, enjoying the fluctuations of temperature with pressure change feels just nice.

However once in a  while, you may need to think about replacement, mostly when the part fails to deliver. Today I am here to provide a Moen shower valve parts diagram, one that was requested a lot.

Plus, there will be some notes on the assembly, which shall help for repair/replacement or just in general.

The Moen shower valve parts consist of a stop valve kit, handle extension kit, stop tube kit, retaining clip, cartridge, plaster ground and flush plug.

Below you’ll find more information.

The Moen Shower Valve Parts Diagram!

To know each component of Moen shower valve parts, I’m about to share the simplified drawings that will give you a slight idea of visual points. Here’s the illustration:

Here’s The Illustrated Parts Detail

In this segment, you’ll learn about the shower valve component of the Moen shower according to the above diagram. 

1 Means Retainer Clip

This part let the cartridge stay in place and reduces the chances of floating or turning around. It is a sleek metal part that lessens leaks in the shower valve.

2 Means Moen Shower Valve Cartridge

It’s a metal part that regulates the water flow from the shower head. This component also shifts the liquid from one shower to another shower (hand-held type) if equipped. 

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3 Means Stop Valve Kit

This component prevents the water flow to the valve. It as well helps a user to turn or twist the water supply off if the system needs water flow. As a kit, it contains a check stop valve and retainer clip.

4 Means Handle Extension Kit

It contains 2 long screws, one small screw, one metal extension tube, and one plastic extension. This kit helps the shower system by ensuring secure fitting.

5 Means Stop Tube Kit

It includes one check stop tube, one supply stop tube, and one temperature limit stop tube. All of these components control and balance the water flow as well as pressure.

6 Means Plaster Ground

This is a huge black part that hides the wall opening. It lessens the unwanted dirt, debris, and mold from coming through the shower valve head.

7 Means Flush Plug

It’s a fitting that lets the valve body flush the hot and cold lines at once. During its operation, this prevents cross-flow and work without the presence of a valve cartridge.

Moen Shower Valve Parts Assembly

Moen Shower Valve Parts Assembly

For the assembly, you need to consider the wall’s thickness. In the case of a thin wall that is less than a quarter inch, the thin wall method would be applicable.

This is usually the case with fiberglass tub surround. The tub or shower wall is also the major source of support for the valve.

So, In the Case of Thin Wall:

  • The valve must be attached to the plaster ground to begin the process.
  • A specific diameter hole (usually 2.25 to 3.5 inches) needs to be cut through the wall.
  • Use a plier to clockwise rotate the plastic protective cover and break it. This cover is usually black.
  • Next prepare the wall by cleaning it to place the escutcheon over the stop tube. You want to install the screws then.
  • A seal against the finished wall is provided by a gasket that should be on the back of the escutcheon.
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Now there’s a different situation to consider as well. Here the wall thickness is more than a quarter inch, and this is usually the case with cement board, tile, drywall, or similar materials walls.

In such cases, straps are used for securing the valve. The water inlet lines must be held to framing members. You will also see mounting holes for screwing the valve to the cross member.

In the Case of Thick Wall:

  • Make sure the plaster ground is attached to the valve body. You can use the escutcheon screws for this.
  • The valve should be in the right position and secure enough, make sure the plaster ground stays attached till then.
  • The positioning of the plaster ground will also impact the flush with the finished wall. Hence it is important for the proper placement of the valve on the wall for accepting trim.
  • Wall should have a hole in similar size to the plaster ground so that any servicing needed in near future is possible.
  • After placing the valve securely, install the escutcheon with the screws. And you can discard the player ground then. Again, you need to clean the wall before this. In this case, too there shall be a gasket for sealing nicely against the wall.

IMPORTANT – Make sure you test the functionality and look for any leaks before sealing. Having an access panel right behind the valve is highly recommended by Moen.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I identify my Moen shower valve?

It’s pretty simple. You need to check the shower valve’s handle buttons. The brand name should be shown right between the cold and hot buttons. Sometimes the handle buttons are replaced. Or it is possible there’s a lever instead of buttons. In such a case, you may not see it.

Do all Moen showers use the same valve?

No, Moen showers do not necessarily use the same valves. There are roughly several types of valves. And so trim kits are not interchangeable. So, you must identify the valve installed presently to proceed.

Wrapping Up

And there you have it! The Moen shower valve parts diagram as well as parts explanation. I also added the assembly just in case.

But if you need more, I can write about it as well, don’t forget to contact us with your preferred topic. You will also find a lot of resources available in the official manual. However, the language in manuals can be difficult to work with.

I will be soon back with more similar pieces. Till then, take care!

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