How To Raise Toilet Flange 2 Inches With 5-Easy Steps

How to raise toilet flange 2-inches even if you knew this is a common controversy among all. Raising the toilet flange to an inch really requires some investment and tricks. No matter how expert you’re on this matter, some people usually love to put a cast iron-made extender ring inside the flanges. But that’s not enough if you are looking for something exceptional.

Besides, using 3 or more PVC pipes or plastic rings is also problematic to increase the height of the flanges. So, you may now think of what to do now?

Well, there is an alternate way by which you can try to increase the height of the flanges. Let us dive into the deep.

In-Depth Of How To Raise Toilet Flange 2 Inches

Whether it depends on the existing flange’s ages and conditions, some may think that its horrible to do that. But it’s not at all if you’ve gained enough knowledge on this. 

Additionally, the maximum height of the toilet flange above the floor is about ½-2 inches. It is attached with the bolted on top of the existing flange. Installing the toilet flanges up to 2-inches is great for the DIY home projector if you’ve currently experienced the hardwood installer.

But hiring a hardwood installer is troublesome, as an unexpected leakage often finds the toilet bowl.

So here are the solutions by which anyone (beginner to expert) would have gained a clear concept to raise the toilet flange. It’s the ordinary way to raise the toilet hinges. So, we must follow these instructions step by step carefully.

Tools Needed:

  • Flange spacer -must be ½-¼” inches length
  • A closet flange for replacement 
  • Hand rubber gloves
  • Wider closet flange bolts
  • White cement 
  • Caulking gun or carbine
  • Plywood
  • Measuring tape
  • Warhead level
  • Thriving wrench
  • hacksaw
  • Putty chopper
  • Plastic bag
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Step One: Removing the Toilet

First, start to remove the toilet flanges and keep them in a safe place. Afterward, check the toilet bowls to determine whether the water leakage is inside it or not.

If you’ll find anyone, use soothe gels (liquor lock or whatever you’ve) that work to repair the toilet bowls. Now, cover the hole with an old cloth. 

Step Two: Putting the Closet Flange

In this step, you learn how to increase the flanges by about an inch. In that case, the safety guard is very efficient on the tiles over bathroom floors. Here you should choose anyone from the three, as we’ve suggested.

Our first advice is to install the flange repair kit using or putting it with the screws, if possible.

You can also put the toilet flange over the repair ring on PVC or ABC pipes. It’s the second option if you want to skip the first one anyhow.

Thirdly, we recommend you choose the push-type gasketed closet flange. These kinds of flanges work like a spring. So keep it pushed down on the old one, then keep it tightened with galvanized or stainless-steel-made screws.

Tips: Don’t forget that you should keep out the closet flange up to ¼-inches above the finished floor. By doing this, the wax rings won’t get shortened over time. On the other hand, putting the closet flange under the finished floor may increase a gap that creates a leak under the bowl while you flash it.

Step Three: Measuring the Exact Depth

In these steps, you’ll get ideas on how to raise toilet flange in depth. As we mentioned before, the closet flange extender usually comes with ¼”-½” inches. You’ll often find them at your nearest home store or hardware shop.

But one thing that you shall not skip, grabbing an extra-long closet flange bolt. Next, put on the new closet flange extender ring over the older one. Making the task easy requires the norms of putting them as sandwich cakes. Then go for the next steps.

Step Four: Accurating the Flange Height

Remove all the waxes from the closet flange using a putty chopper before standing on the flange extender. But it is vital to take an extended closet flange bolt to assemble into the toilet base.

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Around ½-2″-inches closet extenders are suitable for this method as they can extend up to 1/8″-inches and settle above the finished tile floor.

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Now, take a straight piece of pipes to put it at the lower parts of flanges. Remember that it must be 1 or 2-inches in length at last. It’s because it will secure by the closet flange bolts further away.

In simpler words, you should keep a distance between them around 12-13 inches. Now cut it away and raise the whole soothing match.

Notes: Don’t try to count the sizes from its baseboards to the bolts. It helps to deduct the baseboard width from the dimension.

Step Five: Finishing This Up

Now set up the closet flange extender on the older flange. Then put the torpedo level up to it. Next, you have to attach the closet flange extender. But it will often disturb the setting perfectly. So you need to concentrate more and more to set it up perfectly if you’re lucky. Otherwise, you need to shimmer the toilet after installing it.

If the toilet flange height is too low after applying this method, try putting a little silicone caulk at the flange’s top.

Next, glued or put on all the stuff altogether. Here, try to add the metal washer first. Then screwed the nuts to the closet. Keep tightening the nuts as much as you can.

You can do the same process by using plywood around the flanges. Just put them to build up an extra underlayment to raise the height.

And now you’re all done.

This Video Will Help You Too!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can You Raise A Toilet Flange?

It can be possible to raise the toilet flanges with the help of a numeral accessory. Closet flange extenders, cast iron pipes, and wax rings are the best options. But keep in mind, that you should know the instructions on how to set them straight.

What Is The Correct Height Of A Toilet Flange?

½-¼” inches is the correct height of toilet flanges. It can vary up to ¼-inches. It is a standard height that lets you set on onto any wax ring. Moreover, an ideal height is a key to ensuring a prominent seal also. So try to abide by this while installing a toilet flange.


So that’s all for how to raise toilet flange 2 inches. Remember that, don’t try to shim up dozens of toilet flanges at a time.

You may need to raise the existing PVC toilet flange toward ceramic or floor tiles if needed. You need to remove the screws, hold them to the subfloor, and gently pry it up.

The quickest way is to put a flange spacer. It comes in various thicknesses that are exact to fit this purpose. Hence, the spacers introduce the possibility of leakage between the spacer and the original flange. If you use silicone to seal the spacer to the original flange, it will be minimized.

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