Mansfield Toilet Clogging Problems & Their Solutions

Do toilets keep getting clogged? Is it about the Mansfield toilet clogging problem? Check if it is a partial clog or the flush problem.

Having a clogged toilet is the most irritating and embarrassing thing ever. To unclog a toilet once a week can be very tiresome. Not everyone has energy to just solve a problem that arises every other day!

Do not stress. We get you. In this article, we’ll address toilet clogging problems, provide the reason that might be causing this problem, and give you the right solution to solve your clogging problems forever!           

Mansfield Toilet Clogging Problems: What’s the solution?

There can be multiple reasons why your toilet is getting clogged. Here are some major reasons you can look into:

Common Problems and ReasonsPossible Solutions
The toilet has a weak flushCheck the water level in the flush tank. Replace the flush valve for a better flush.
The water passageway has become clogged (could be tissue paper, pen toothbrush, toy, etc.)Use a toilet auger to check for clog and remove it
There’s a partial clog in the drainUse an auger to snake the main and side drains.

As there can be so many issues, and you don’t know exactly which one you have. That is why here’s a detailed solution addressing the major problems:

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Problem 1: Weak flush

The modern flushes use up to 1.6 gallons per flush. But sometimes for the water level not being high enough or not creating needed pressure can cause frequent clogging issues. If you have a similar complaint about a weak flush here’s how can make your flush stronger just by replacing the valve without calling the plumber, and here is how you can do it:


  1. First, turn off the main water supply. That way, your flush tank becomes empty and easy to work with.
  2. Open the tank lid and place it down. Remove the refill tube and set that to the side. Then remove the top nut by unscrewing it counterclockwise. Keep it aside.
  3.  After that, lift the tank lever, and the piston should come up, pull that out and remove the valve.
  4. Now take the new valve that has a lower bill height (to create more pressure) and gives you more water per flush. Unscrew the top nut of the new valve. Slide it down and place it exactly in the place of the previous one.
  5. There is a hoop in the new valve. Make sure you put the tank lever through the hoop. Put the top nut screw back. Reattach the refill tube. Resemble everything. Put the lid back on.

That’s it! You’re good to go! Flush again to check if everything is working properly.

Problem 2: Clogging in the passageway/ main drain

Using too much tissue or throwing a hard object in the bowl easily block the passageway. A pile of tissue or a toy thrown by your kid is maybe the reason for your clogging headache. But here’s how you can cure it:

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  1. First, check where the clog actually is. In the toilet itself or the main sewer line. For that take a toilet auger. It’s the best solution. Use it to locate the clog in your toilet by simply pushing the spring end forward.

[Pro Tips: To avoid a messy overflow, turn off the water supply valve behind your toilet]

  1. Once reach the clog, push to drain out totally or pull the shits out.
  2. However, if the auger comes out clean without any obstruction, check the main drain or sewer line. Try snaking the main drain line and the sewer line for any external obstruction. If there is nothing, the water will come out clean. If the problem is not still eliminated, you might need to call the plumber.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do Mansfield toilets clog easily?

It is not about the whole brand but about certain products. Some Mansfield isn’t just that good and doesn’t give a good user experience. But it’s a renowned made in USA brand. Do some research, try finding your desired quality product, the company has some really good products to offer.

Why is it so hard to flush my Mansfield toilet?

For temporary, you can just keep the lever down longer to allow more water to flow from the tank to the bowl, resulting in a greater flush. But for a permanent cure replace the seal ring.


If you have already tried hot water, bleach, baking soda, and practically used the whole kitchen, it’s high time you try a smarter approach to mitigate this Mansfield toilet clogging problem.

Try to look for the proper reason why there’s frequent clogging in the toilet. Therefore, our guiding tactile can be your solving buddy. Read the process carefully, more than once if needed, and find the exact problem and solution regarding that.

However, if the clogging still keeps happening change the toilet or call the plumber to ask them to change your entire drainage system. But that’s an extreme case. Hopefully, your problem would be alleviated much sooner following our provided solutions. Best of luck!

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