Delta 1300 Vs 1400: Which Shower Faucet is For You?

Do you know the difference between Delta 1300 and 1400? Delta 1300 is made for bathtubs, and 1400 is the best fit for showerheads due to its water conservation feature. But which one should you get?

Everyone should know how to do basic household fixes. There’s nothing as satisfying as fixing something with your own hands. But, as amateurs trying to figure things out, it’s hard to understand what parts to get.

If you have plumbing work for your kitchen or bathroom coming up, you might be wondering which cartridge to get between Delta 1300 vs 1400. Both are shower cartridges, but you’ve to know the difference.

Delta 1300 Vs 1400 Table Comparison

ComparisonDelta 1300Delta 1400
Weight5.6 ounces5.6 ounces

Our Top Pick- Delta 1400: Saving & Elegance within One

Delta 1400
Delta 1400

If you want a good shower experience, the Delta 1400 is for you. It has many exclusive features which cannot be found on any other shower faucet. An example of this is the water-conserving feature; it saves 20% of the water from being wasted. But let’s get more in-depth to see all about the faucet —

Why Choose Delta 1400?

The Delta 1400 is best for people who want to use it for showers and not a bathtub. It comes with many similar features to the Delta 1300, but there’re some slight differences. For instance, the Delta 1400 has a lifetime warranty, unlike the 1300 series. It can have some shape differences compared to the 1300 series as well.

However, this isn’t the only good thing about the Delta 1400, so let’s take a look at some of the other features and why it’s so good —

Water-Saving Feature Makes It Excellent For Showers

Even if the Delta 1400 doesn’t have many differences compared to the 1300 series, but there are a few notable differences.

An excellent example of this is the water-saving feature. This feature is exclusive to the Delta 1400 and cannot be found on the 1300 series. It prevents more than 20% of the water from being wasted.

Universal Parts Makes It Easy To Install

The universal parts are extremely important in making the Delta 1400 incredible as a shower faucet. All of its parts are universal, so even if you use the parts on other Delta models, it’ll still fit.

This can help you save time and money, but there’s much more to the Delta 1400. So let’s look at those—

What are the Key Benefits?

  • The monitor pressure balance valve keeps water at a stable and safe temperature.
  • Many settings for spray, including full-body spray settings
  • The showerhead uses 20% less water than other heads and prevents water from being wasted.


The Delta 1400 is an excellent choice if you want a good shower experience, and it has tons of helpful features.

Along with that, it’s easy to install and has universal parts. It’s one of the best picks for a budget-friendly yet high-quality shower faucet.

Our Second Top  Choice- Delta 1300: Durability with Budget

Delta 1300
Delta 1300

For a good bathtub experience, the Delta 1300 offers tons of features. It has tons of settings to control water flow as well, unlike most other faucets. But there’s more to it than that, so let’s look at some reasons why you should choose Delta 1300 —

Why Choose Delta 1300?

If you’re looking for a good shower faucet for bathtubs, the Delta 1300 is best for you. It comes with many innovative and useful features at an affordable price.

However, this just scratches the surface of why the Delta 1300 is a good shower faucet. Hope into the details.

Rubber Surrounding Keeps Temperature Balanced

The Delta 1300 offers many features for a top-notch bathtub experience, but there are a few notable features.

A good example of this is the rubber surrounding. It helps to control the temperature of the water and keep the water flowing safely.

Monitor Offers Settings to Control Water Flow

Along with the temperature controlling feature, it has many settings for controlling the speed of the water flow as well.

This feature can only be found in the 1300 series, making it unique.

These are only a few of the reasons why people pick the Delta 1300 series, but let’s look at some of the other benefits —

Other Key Benefits of Delta 1300 Series

  • It’s straightforward to install, and it comes with a kit that has tools for detaching and reattaching everything for setting the shower faucet.
  • There’s a feature on the monitor which lets you have settings for pausing, and you can pause the spray or shower at any time.
  • The monitor balances the temperature of the water, making it safe at all times.


Overall, the Delta 1300 is a solid pick for a shower faucet. It’s best for use in bathtubs, and it has a lot of helpful features to improve your experience. It’s effortless to install as well, making it work great for most people with a bathtub.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Delta Monitor 1300 and 1400 Series the same?

No. Even though you might find similarities in the cartridges, if you unscrew the parts, you’ll find a lot of differences.
There’re a few differences between the new and old versions, but it’s not much.

Can Delta 1400 be used for bathtubs?

The 1400 series is meant to be used for shower faucets, but they can still be used for bathtubs. However, it’s not as good for bathtubs as it is for showers, so keep that in mind. So if you want to get shower faucet bathtubs, it’s recommended to check out the Delta 1300 instead.

How much does the Delta 1300/1400 cartridge cost?

Usually, the Delta series shower cartridges cost around $50. You can easily get them from amazon for on average$33, though. Along with that, most hardware shops will have them as well. It’s not hard to find, and they’re usually sold at a similar price.

Which One Will Suit You the Most

Overall while battling between Delta 1300 vs 1400, they don’t have many differences when it comes to their features. Most of their things are the same, including the color.

They do have some differences in features, though. Delta 1400 has a special feature for changing water, while 1300 has a special feature for controlling water speed.

Since there aren’t so many differences between these two, the most notable one is in the application.

The Delta 1300 works best on bathtubs, while 1400 is meant to be used on showers. They have their own unique and exclusive features as well.

Nonetheless, both are great for most people, and there aren’t many differences. Hopefully, now you can pick which is better for you. Cheers!

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