How to Remove Water Ridge Kitchen Faucet: 5 Steps

How to remove the water ridge kitchen faucet? Don’t break your head for failing to do so. It’s pretty easy if you know the tactics. And today, we will show you the complete process step by step.

Specific joints and connections keep the kitchen faucet attached in place. You can have trouble if you do not remove the nuts and loosen the joints in the correct order. That’s why you may look for experts or professionals. Hiring a professional plumber is pretty expensive. This faucet replacement job can be done in the DIY process if you know it.

The guide presented the detailed steps to remove the water ridge kitchen faucet. Learn the process and easily remove the kitchen faucet yourself.

How to Remove Water Ridge Kitchen Faucet

water ridge kitchen faucet removal

Before removing the water ridge kitchen faucet, you should buy a new kitchen faucet and keep it ready to install. You will not like to stop your kitchen water supply entirely off for a more extended period.

Necessary Tools:

  • A cloth or bucket
  • Basin wrench
  • Adjustable Crescent wrench
  • Penetrating oil

Steps to Remove the Water Ridge Seaton Faucet Costco

Step-1: First, turn the water supply off. Make sure that the water supply is off from the baseline. There will be two lines for hot and cold water. You have to turn both the water supply lines. Generally, you will find the water supply valve under the sink basin connected to supply tubes. You may find it hard to move the valve to shut this line off. It happened when it stuck for dirt. Then you have to reach the main water supply line for the home and shut it off.

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After turning the water supply off, check it by turning the water valve of the faucet.

Step-2: You have to remove the plastic connector from the water supply line connected to the faucet. Before beginning the process, place a cloth or bucket under the sink basin.

Follow the water line from the faucet, and then it will be easy to find the line that you have to disconnect. Then you will get the plastic black colored connector to the water discharged line. Unscrew this connector using your hand, and it will be out. If you find it hard to remove or move the screws, you can use penetrating oil. In this pipeline, you will get the old weight loosened. Remove it. Now pour the water out from the channel stuck inside the pipe.

Step-3: Now, remove the brass fitting by pulling the cotter pinout. Use the basin wrench and the crescent wrench to remove the brass rings.

Step-4: Next, you have to pull the pipeline out from between the water ridge Seaton faucet Cost. When the joints of the channels are removed, it becomes easier to pull the line out.

Step-5: Now unscrew the lock pins or mounting pins that keep the kitchen faucet connected to the sink in the right place. These pins are hand-tightened, and you can unscrew them easily with your hands. You may find newer models hardly draw, and you have to use the basin wrench. Now remove the kitchen faucet out of the sink as it becomes loosened.

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If you plan to set the new kitchen faucet, clean the sink basin and the faucet placing area before resetting the new faucet.

This Video Will Help You Too!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there a unique tool to remove the kitchen faucet?

Yes, the unique tool for removing the kitchen faucet is the basin wrench. It is specialized to use only in removing the kitchen faucet. Only professional plumbers and an expert homeowners use this tool to remove or install the kitchen faucet.

How do you unscrew the bottom of a faucet?

To unscrew the faucet bottom, you must use the basin wrench. You have to reach the upside part behind the sink basin. It is generally situated inside the cabinet under the sink. Here, you have to grip the nut by the basin wrench and turn it counterclockwise. It will loosen slowly, and you can remove the nut. Then you can remove the threaded tailpiece.

Do we need a basin wrench to remove the faucet?

Yes, a basin wrench is a specialized tool for kitchen or bathroom faucet replacement. But there is an option to alternate the use of a basin wrench. You can use a socket wrench and other helping tools like ratchet spanner, screwdrivers, lock pliers, etc.

Final Words

Since it is pretty easy to remove the Costco kitchen faucet, why spend extra on hiring an expert? After buying a new kitchen faucet, just remove the old faucet. But you have to learn how to remove the water ridge kitchen faucet. Because you can damage or harm the kitchen faucet parts if not know the process step by step.

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Follow the steps for removing the kitchen faucet here and do it yourself. Be careful and gentle while doing the removal process and handling the supply lines.

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