WARDFlex Vs HOMEFLEX − Which Piping System to Choose for Gas Line?

What is actually the difference between WARDFlex and HOME-FLEX? The only difference is that WARDFlex offers a wide range of goods for gas systems, whereas HOME-FLEX is limited to a few items.

However, these are two widely known brands that specialize in supplies for gas delivery systems. So, which one to choose for your home or commercial setting?

Let’s settle the debate between WARDFlex vs HOME FLEX. Stay with us till the end to know which one works best for you.

Wardflex Vs Homeflex− Comparison at a Glance

Before we start, take a quick look at the basic differences between WARDFlex gas pipe and HOME-FLEX gas pipe.

Key PointWardflexHomeflex
CSST VariantHas 3 different variants of CSSTHas only 1 type of CSST
CSST Size RangeComes in 7 different sizes: ⅜”, ½”, ¾”,1″,1¼”,1½” and 2″Comes in 3 different sizes: ¾”, ½” and 1″
CSST CoatingAvailable in yellow and black coatOnly yellow pipe is available
CSST FittingsFittings are completely reusableGaskets of the fittings cannot be reused
Underground Poly Gas PipeNo Polyethylene gas pipe for underground is availablePolyethylene gas pipe is available for using underground

Now, we will discuss in detail based on the following factors:

  • Tubing Variation
  • Durability
  • Size
  • Ease of Installation
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Let’s dig in!

Tubing Variation

WARDFlex has three different variations of CSST. One is the most commonly used yellow coated WARDFlex Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing (CSST). The latest addition to their CSST products is WARDFlexMAX, the next-generation black coated ultra-durable pipe.

They also introduced another type of CSST which is designed especially for the underground with no need for any additional sleeves if you want to bury your WARDFlex gas line.

HOME-FLEX has one type of Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing, which is the traditional yellow CSST.

However, they also have another type of pipe for underground use. It is a yellow polyethylene gas pipe that can be paired with their poly gas pipe couplers.

Durability Contrast

When it comes to pressure, WARDFlex CSST is rated for 25 psi. However, it performs much better than the rating.

On the other hand, the maximum working pressure of HOME-FLEX CSST pipes is 25 psi. But, the underground polyethylene gas pipe can tolerate a maximum pressure of 80 psi.

Difference in Size

Like different types of pipes, WARDFLEX also has 7 different tubing sizes which include ⅜”, ½”, ¾”,1″,1¼”,1½” and 2″.

HOME-FLEX comes with only 3 different tubing sizes, which are ¾”, ½”, and 1″.

Ease of Installation

Both WARDFlex and HOME-FLEX CSST are quite easy to install. The only difference is in the retainer ring.

The WARDFlex fittings come with a retainer ring that is divided into two halves and fits perfectly to the outer diameter of the tube. You just need to place the two pieces together around the tube before sliding the nut over it.

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On the other hand, in HOME-FLEX, the retainer ring is one round ring with a small opening that is slightly looser than the outer diameter of the tube. You need to place the ring in the first valley of the tubing and apply gentle pressure to close the opening until it fits tightly.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is WARDFLEX used for?

WARDFlex is one of the best CSST or corrugated stainless steel tubing systems, which is used for distributing fuel gas in both residential and commercial settings.

Can WARDFLEX be buried?

WARDFlex can be buried, BUT you cannot directly bury it in the ground or install it under concrete slabs or walkways. You should insert WARDFlex into a nonmetallic conduit like PVC if burial is necessary. Also, remember to secure any open end of the conduit with PVC tape to prevent it from water getting inside. However, there is one variant, WARDFlex Underground, which needs no additional sleeves to be buried.

Is Homeflex compatible with Wardflex?

Each manufacturer designs and tests their tubing and fittings in such a way that they only work well when used together. Using pipes and fittings from different brands together can be dangerous. Hence, HOME-FLEX is not compatible with WARDFlex.

Do I need HOME-FLEX fitting with HOME-FLEX pipe?

Each manufacturer designs and tests their tubing and fittings in such a way that they only work well when used together. Using pipes and fittings from different brands together can be dangerous. So, HOME-FLEX fitting must be used with HOME-FLEX pipe.

Wrap UP

Now, you must be thinking about which one to go for when the battle is about Wardflex Vs Homeflex. Well, the solution is pretty simple.

If you want to buy only CSST pipes, you can choose any of these two because there’s very little difference in the quality of yellow CSST pipes of these companies.

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When you are deciding on setting up an underground line, both brands have different options for you. It’s totally up to you if you want a stainless steel pipe or polyethylene for your underground gas line.

If you know your choice, you know which one to go for; WARDFlex for stainless steel and HOME-FLEX for polyethylene.

If you need to buy something more than just the pipes and fittings, like the valves, gas outlet box, or even stab outs to provide support for a gas meter, then you can rely on WARDFlex. Just contact your local WARDFLEX distributors to know what components are available to them. But if you need some common equipment like fitting, manifolds, flange, CSST cutter, HOME-FLEX got you covered.

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