PEX Crimp Vs Compression- What to Use & Why?

What is the remarkable difference when comparing PEX crimp vs compression?  The compression fitting tool will only compress the PEX pipe, while the crimping tool will also cut it.

The main advantage of using these tools in your projects is that they can be easily bendable or curved into any shape you want. So, you don’t have to use different fittings for every pipe or duct. It makes life easier when installing plumbing fixtures and makes other plumbing-related jobs more manageable.

Here we will discuss their connection mechanism, build material, ease of installation, durability, longevity, and price. And, in the end, we will talk about which one will be the best deal for you.

Let’s start.

Comparing PEX Crimp Vs Compression

FactorsPEX CrimpCompression
FlexibilityHave more flexibilityComparatively less flexible
Load CapacityMore load capacityComparatively less load capacity
Withstanding PressureCan withstand higher pressureCan not withstand as much pressure as PEX Crimp
Tread DesignCome with a female threadCome with a male thread
Build MaterialMade of Brass mostlyMade of Copper most

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Professional PEX Crimp Tool

  • Apollo 1-inch Multi-Head Crimp Tool Kit
  • SharkBite 23251

1/2 PEX Compression Fittings

  • PEXworx Compression for Brass Fitting
  • SharkBite 24983A Compression

Major Difference in Connection Mechanism

PEX crimp and compression have different connection mechanisms. 

Compression uses a combination of compressed air and high pressure to create a seal that stops water from entering the joint.

Crimp tools also use this technique to create seals by compressing the metal together while tightening it against the female end of the pipe. Professional PEX crimp tool uses one pneumatic tool to perform both functions. It inflates a soft rubber bladder with pressurized air, then uses the expanding gas inside to form a seal between two metal pieces.

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PEX compression fitting can be used for many applications such as plumbing or construction where you want to connect two pipes with no need for leak testing or threaded fittings like most compression fittings are used.

Comparing the Build Material

Compression fittings are typically made from copper, while crimp fittings are usually made from brass.

The main difference is that compression fittings require a threaded connection with a gasket or O-ring, whereas crimp connections do not require this type of sealant. It makes them ideal for low-pressure applications where there is no leakage.

For example, pipe sizes of 3/4” to 1” diameter may be used with these fittings without seals or gaskets. However, when installing 5/8” and 7/8” pipes into small piping systems (such as drain lines), compression fitting technology is not always the best choice due to the additional cost required for installation and possible leaks over time.

PEX Crimp Or Compression – Ease of Installation

PEX crimp fittings are easy to install, but compression fittings can be more cost-effective. The PEX crimp fitting is available in various sizes for different diameter applications. And it comes with an O-ring. And the O-ring is what holds the fitting in place on a pipe.

Compression fittings have advantages over PEX crimp fittings: they’re easier to install. They reduce installation time by reducing the number of tools required, and they’re also less expensive than PEX crimp fittings.

Compression connectors also have a lower risk of leakage due to their design that uses rubber or silicone gaskets better at sealing against corrosion or pressure changes. However, suppose you want to use this connector in areas where temperatures may rise above 200 degrees Fahrenheit (93 degrees Celsius). In that case, it’s best to use brass PEX connectors crimp or compression instead since these types are not made from materials that could melt at those high temperatures.

PEX Compression Fittings Vs Crimp Durability

Compression fittings are manufactured using high-pressure plastic (HPP) molds, while PEX crimp connectors are created from a PEX-only molding process. It means that when you use a compression fitting on your water pipe, you have to repurchase the part if it breaks or wears out.

With PEX crimp fittings, you can replace them for free whenever they break down. They also make better seals because they’re brass and nylon instead of plastic like compression fittings. In addition, PEX has lower operating temperatures than compression, so it’s less likely to crack or leak if exposed to high heat or cold temperatures.

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Comparing Longevity

The PEX crimp is a great product that can be used in your network, and the cable will last for a long. The crimp is made from high-quality materials and has been tested to ensure it meets all industry standards. It comes with two parts, one for each end of the cable, and both are identical, making them compatible with each other.

PEX compression fittings are also a great product. And, they are effortless to install and come with a lifetime warranty. The best thing about these fittings is that they are compatible with both ends of the same type of cable, which means you can use the same settings on both ends without having to buy another set or have them mixed up. Various sizes are available, so you can choose what works best for your application.

Price Contrast

The pricing is not the same for both because the PEX crimp tool price is higher than compression. There are many reasons why they have to charge more for PEX crimp than compression.

First of all, they are much expensive, and in addition, they require different processes that take time and energy to do it. There’s no doubt that people can achieve their goal faster with a compressor fitting as opposed to a crimped one, but this will also cost them more money in the long run because if you compare a 2-inch compression fitting with an 8-inch crimped fitting, the cost will be about double for both fittings

In addition to this, we have many things that can go wrong during these types of fittings like welding cracks or leaks which might make them unusable after some time, so we must consider these extra costs too when deciding how much each type of fitting should cost.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which one is better for PEX crimp or cinch?

It depends on what you are doing. If you want to crimp and size tubing, PEX is better because it has higher temperature resistance. However, if you are working with pipe and putting it in a fixture for a specific length, then cinch is the best choice because it will be easier to work with and does not change length as much as PEX does.

Can you use compression fitting on PEX?

The compression fitting can be used on PEX, but it is not recommended to use compression fittings on PEX because they will damage the pipes and might even cause leaks or burst pipes. It is also essential to know that they are only suitable for low-pressure systems with a maximum working pressure of 250psi (12 bar).

What Is Ideal?

PEX crimp vs compression, both of them are excellent for their applications. And both have their pros and cons.

Compression fittings are suitable for lighter gauge wire applications like hoses and tubing because they do not distort the shape of the cable. The con is that compression fittings take a little longer to install. And, they can also be more expensive than PEX crimp fittings, depending on how many there are in a package.

On the other hand, PEX crimp fittings come with an adhesive backing which makes it easier to insert into your wire or cable assembly, but this makes them prone to leakage if you apply too much pressure during installation. Also, PEX crimp fittings tend to create more stress on connectors and cause corrosion at those areas over time, while compressed ones do not cause any damage, so they last longer than compression ones.

So, now it is up to you, which one is best suitable for you.

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