Quick Guide- Where Is The Furnace Fuse Located?

Furnace fuse can blow up due to dirt, water leak, valve failure, and more. So, you need to replace the furnace fuse to make it go back to normal. But how can you replace the fuse without knowing its exact location?

So, where is the furnace fuse located? It depends on the model and makes of the furnace. Usually, it’s located under the control box with the blower or at the top of the air handler.

However, if the furnace fuse isn’t working properly, how do you know it? You need to check the fuse and change it if there is any problem. So, let’s find out how to check and replace the furnace fuse.

What Is the Function of a Fuse in a Furnace?

What Is the Function of a Fuse in a Furnace

There is no difference in the function of a fuse in a furnace. A fuse is a safety device designed to stop working if too much electricity passes through it and starts fires. The function of a fuse in the furnace is to protect the circuit from excessive current.

The fuse is a thin metal wire or strip of copper, zinc, silver, aluminum, or alloys. It melts when there is overheating in the circuit.

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When the current goes past the melting point, it causes a lot of heat and makes it melt. And the current stops running through it, so no more electricity passes through it.

Furnace Fuse Location in Different Furnaces

Most of the furnaces come with a 3-5 amp furnace fuse to protect the transformer and circuit board from overload and short-circuit. Knowing where your particular furnace’s fuse is located is essential for servicing and troubleshooting problems.

Check this table to know where is the furnace fuse located:

FurnacesFuse Location
American Standard FurnacesOn the bottom of the electric box
Bryant FurnacesAt the top of the air handler
Amana Gas FurnacesAttached to the burner housing side
Carrier Furnace UnitsThe lower compartment of the furnace
Daikin FurnacesOutside of the motherboard unit
Goodman Gas FurnacesThe left side of the furnace
Lennox Furnace UnitsOn the bottom of the circuit board
Rheem FurnacesUnder the control board
York FurnaceIn the control box

So, mostly the furnace fuse you can find is in the control box or motherboard unit. Go through the chart again and find your one now!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there a fuse for an electric furnace?

Yes, there is a fuse for an electric furnace. They’re located on a panel inside, on the furnace housing, or separate circuit box. This fuse is blown frequently as the furnace’s heating elements often overheat.

Are furnace fuses the same as car fuses?

Based on the function, they’re the same. However, the furnace fuse operates at higher voltages and is sized differently. For example, a car fuse is 12V DC, whereas a furnace fuse can be 110V AC.

How often should I check the fuse on my furnace?

You should check the fuse every 12 months. Regular maintenance of your furnace is essential to ensure that it continues to function safely and efficiently and extend the life of your furnace.

Where is the reset button on a furnace?

In electric furnace systems, the reset button is usually found within the blower housing. The reset button is in the control panel if it’s a gas furnace. However, all furnaces don’t even have a reset button.

Final Word

So, you got the concept now where furnace fuse is located usually, right? The furnace fuse is located under the control box with the blower. By identifying the location of the furnace fuse, you’ll be able to make sure it’s in proper working condition and can easily access it to reset it in case of an emergency.

The fuse will protect the system from blowing up from a power surge or something else that might damage it. If the fuse isn’t properly working and the system blows up, the entire unit will need to be replaced. Always remember to cut power to the fuse box before attempting to work with it.

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