Are Bassett Sofas Good Quality Or Should You Avoid?

What is the best thing about Bassett sofas? The best thing about these sofas is their wide-ranging styles and designs. To let you customize your sofas, they provide a vast range of fabric, color, and finishing options. Also, in order to deliver high-quality custom couches, Bassett Furniture combines its innovative style, value, and comfort.

However, looking around and finding so many negative reviews, you might get the confusion and wonder are Bassett sofas good quality or not! And so here we are with some unrevealed facts backed by tons of research. Let’s buckle up and dive into the details.

Are Bassett Sofas Good Quality or Just a Myth?

It’s true that a few years back things were not the same and people used to get pissed off after a couple of years of buying Bassett sofas. But while comparing some premium brands like CR Laine or Pottery Barn, Basett sofas are pretty reasonable.

Yes, we can say Bassett sofas are good quality sofas on the overage. Bassett Furniture has established a reputation for offering reasonably priced sofas in modern, rustic, and traditional styles. It has more than 100 retail locations and century-old history. In 1902, this furniture manufacturer and retailer company was founded by brothers C.C. Bassett and J.D. Bassett. Its headquarter is in Bassett, Virginia, US.

As one of Virginia’s oldest furniture manufacturers, Bassett is dedicated to creating sofas that are cozy, durable, and brimming with inventiveness from the United States. This brand sells classic styles of sofas that you will always find fashionable. However, they don’t sacrifice design because of their classic approach. And the best part of Bassett sofa is the customizing option.

Whether you are looking for sofas with lived-in vintage finishes, clean modern lines, or a fresh, seaside look, Bassett Furniture has something for you.

With many years of business experience, this company has grown to be a renowned American furniture retailer. The Bassett family still owns the business, and many of its products are still made in Virginia, which is their home state.

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For a long time, Bassett Furniture has been distinguishing itself by delivering higher-quality sofas that are created in America. They use superior quality solid woods that have been properly seasoned. The sofas’ construction process and materials of this brand are top-notch, which makes it stand out from its competitors.

After going through a couple of reviews we found some positive feedback too. Such as the experience of one of the consumers from ConsumerAffairs might flip the scene.

We ordered a custom sofa from our local Bassett Furniture store in Ocala FL for our newly constructed house in Aug.1999. We were looking for a specific size, height of arms, and fabric. They were able to fabricate just what we ordered, and 20 years later is still in great condition. Just recently ordered new foam cushion inserts for the seats, and were able to replace them ourselves. No deterioration, no cracks, etc., so I would say very good quality furniture.”

The Reasons You Should Buy/Avoid Bassett Sofas

The amazing selection of stylish living room sofas and cozy sofas from Bassett Furniture will help you choose the ideal new complement to your home design. Whether you’re looking for a stunning piece to serve as the focal point of your room or a tasteful addition to an existing style, you couldn’t have come to a better place than Bassett Furniture.

Below are some features of the Bassett sofas that would make you think that you should buy them.

Wide Range of Styles and Designs to Add Some Aesthetics to Your Living Room

When you want to buy Bassett’s sofas, you can pick from their wide selection of fabrics, styles, shapes, and finishes. They provide numerous conventional designs in muted color palette options such as blue, beige, and gray in synthetic blends.

Their designers are always coming up with fantastic new sofa concepts to add to their collection of exquisitely made sofas for sale. In Bassett Furniture, you will find a varied collection of sofas that cover the design spectrum, from formal and conventional to casual and contemporary.

Not Compromising with Comfort

Yeah, you might come across some complaints such as on Houzz discussion about Bassett sofas getting dirty too easily. But when it comes to coziness, it does not lack behind.

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Each of Bassett’s sofas is made to offer you maximum comfort, regardless of the material or style you select. To ensure the maximum level of comfort, they fit every one of their sofas with encased pillow cores, channeled polyester fill-back cushions, and completely upholstered arms and cushions. Also, they have office sofas to enhance the aesthetic and comfort of your workspace.

Customized Sofa Options Are the Game-Changing Part

Bassett is well-known for offering their customers the opportunity to customize their sofas. They provide a huge variety of patterns, designs, and material options, including chenille, tweed, and velvet, in their numerous fabric customization options.

You will receive assistance from their internal design specialists at each stage of the customization procedure. After your customized sofa is finished making, it will be shipped and delivered on your agreed-upon date and time. Most of the time, this customized piece takes only 30 days from build to delivery.

Durability Still Has Some Questions!

There is some controversy regarding durability, still, Bassett claims to be durable for a minimum of 7 to 15 years.

According to Bassett, each sofa made by Bassett has a sinuous wire or drop-in coil foundation, an interlocking frame design, and thicker laminated hardwood to ensure great performance, maximum support, and longevity.

With proper usage and maintenance, it is realistic to anticipate that Bassett’s sofas will last 10-15 years, given the high quality of the materials and manufacturing techniques used by the company.

Price Is the Plus Point

Price is a crucial parameter of any brand. Bassett offers moderately priced sofas. Overall, a Bassett sofa costs between $979 and $12,999. Smaller loveseat sofas are priced at the lower part of the range, while large sectionals are priced at the higher part.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Bassett Furniture Solid Wood?

Yes, most of Bassett’s furniture is made with premium wood. Many of their items are made from solid woods like oak, as well as birch, elm, and Asian hardwoods. Their bedroom set and dining sets are made using oak or solid maple. Also, they prioritize obtaining their wood locally whenever possible and take part in initiatives that decrease their environmental impact.

Is Bassett Furniture Made In China?

No, Bassett Furniture is not made in China. It is made in the United States of America. The higher-grade products from Bassett Furniture are manufactured in North Carolina. Promotional products of this company are manufactured in Texas. Also, there may still be some furniture made in Virginia. Bassett Furniture imports its hinges and knobs from a reliable and leading furniture hardware company.

Final Words

The specialty of Bassett’s sofas is their custom design. Customers at Bassett Furniture quickly realize that shopping here involves much more than simply choosing sofas from a limited option. Well, recently people faced some issues regarding their delivery service due to Covid issue. But we can hope to meet the expected quality and service now!

Thanks to their excellent sofa options and customizable finishes, you can rely on Bassett Furniture to supply you with sofas that are dependable and complement your room and tastes.

So, hopefully, you are aware of the facts you need, and the ball is in your court now whether to take the risk.

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