Who is Responsible for Gas Leaks Outside The House: Know The Facts

Did you ever wonder who is responsible for gas leaks outside the house? The gas company can be blamed for this or it might be one of the homeowners, who knows?

Well, without being sure of it, you cannot do quick repairs, not even can call a random plumber when the leak is due to a gas company fault.

Long-term exposure to natural gas can cause fatigue, headaches, suffocation, loss of consciousness, nausea, memory problems, loss of concentration, and many more health issues. So, in this article, we will discuss more regarding gas leaks on your property.

Gas Leaking Outside The House! Find out Whom to Call

What to do when Gas Leaking Outside The House

According to a Reuters report, recently, while investigating a crime scene, unexpected gas leaks were found near the Nord Stream in Swedish economic zone gas pipelines, running from Russia to Europe under the Baltic Sea. And the leak seems to be pretty mysterious and the Europe government is now getting more aware of such facts.

This leak is something related to the Russia-Ukraine debate. But when it comes to house gas pipeline leakage, who is responsible for gas leakage outside the home?

The Consumer Side

Generally, the responsibility for gas leaking outside the house relies on the location of the gas leak. The leak from the gas pipe running from the meter all over the property is the responsibility of the owner. Also, for gas leaks from gas appliances, such as hot water systems, ovens, stoves, etc., the property owner is responsible.

Gas Company Side

However, the gas company is responsible for gas leaks that occur between the gas meter and the street. The responsibility for gas leaks can vary depending on your location as well. Regardless of how serious you think a gas leak in your house or commercial space may be, you must still take care of every gas leak carefully. Gas leaks can range from minor emergencies to significant problems.

So, whenever you smell gas inside your property, no matter who is responsible for it, call a gas plumber right away.

If the gas leak is unfixed, then it can even lead to an explosion. The plumber can locate the leak and carry out any necessary repairs as quickly as possible.

However, if the gas company is responsible for the leak, then the gas plumber is not allowed to fix it and you need to call the gas company to fix it. An expert said regarding this on a discussion forum in Do It Yourself,

Had one at my house and the responsibility was very clear – the meter and the street side of it are the gas company, the house side of the meter was mine. The tech I had come out from the installation company found the leak on the meter right away but was not allowed to fix it so instead he called the gas company and took a magic marker and noted the location of the leak right on the meter.”

How Much Does Fixing A Gas Leak Cost?

ItemUnitAverage Cost (Per Hour)
Gas leak repairLabor and materials$50-$200

Generally, gas companies fix gas leaks outside of your house for free. They will respond to you quickly and ensure that you are safe. However, some companies may repair the gas leaks that occur inside your house for free as well.

The cost of having a gas leak repaired by plumbers varies on the kind of leak and where you live. The average gas leak repair cost ranges from $50 to $200 per hour. However, the materials cost and the time required to fix the leak might significantly impact the overall cost.

Additionally, keep in mind that repairing a gas leak is typically an emergency fix, which can increase costs. If you need to call someone out, for example, on Christmas day or in the middle of the night, you will probably have to spend more. You can check the below table for the cost of fixing a gas leak.

Below we have listed the possible causes of the gas leak:

  • Any installation mistakes
  • Gas pipe hookup issue
  • Gas hose squeezing
  • Or maybe the lines are old and need supplanting

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I report a gas leak in my area?

If you suspect a gas leak or smell gas, then you need to call your gas company as soon as possible to prevent putting yourself in more danger. There should be an emergency contact number for your gas company. Also, always eliminate ignition sources and do not smoke, use light switches, electrical appliances, or mobile phones before the technicians of your gas company arrive at your house.

What to do if gas is leaking at home?

If you smell gas in your house, you need to leave the house immediately. Open all of the windows and doors before leaving the house. It lets natural gas vent outside of the house. Do not open a garage door or start a car in the place of the gas leak. Call your local gas plumber or gas company as soon as everyone inside your home is outside and a secure distance away from the building.

What happens if you are around a gas leak?

Gas leaks can lead to some physical symptoms. Low levels of gas exposure are not dangerous, but long-term exposure can have a negative impact on your health. Methane, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen oxide are produced when natural gas is burned. These substances can worsen your health and cause respiratory issues, depression, severe headaches, nausea, and other negative effects.


As per the American Gas Association, more than 73 million residential, industrial, and commercial buildings in the US use natural gas. It is extremely flammable, and gas leakages increase the danger of explosion and fire.

So, if you get a smell of gas on your property, then you should evacuate the area instantly. After that, you should call a plumber or your gas company quickly to repair it to prevent serious consequences.

So hopefully, now you got some idea of who is responsible for gas leaks outside the house and whom to call to avoid an unavoidable dangerous situation.

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