Niagara Stealth Toilet Problems You Never Thought!

Are you facing Niagara stealth toilet problems? Unfortunately, though it is ultra dual flash works like a charm, it has some common toilet problems. For example, a leaking and clogged toilet can be a significant problem in this toilet.

However, we have covered those things for how to fix these problems over these years.

The Niagara toilet has become very popular become of its quite flushing technology. It looks like a basic white toilet with no extraordinary design from the outside. However, its dual flushing technology and silent flushing set it apart from other toilets.

So, if you’re currently facing issues in your Niagara stealth toilet, don’t worry anymore. This article will provide solutions to different kinds of problems that you may have faced in your Niagara stealth toilet.

Niagara Stealth Toilet Problems

There can be different problems in the various models of Niagara stealth toilets. But the most common type of problems and solutions are listed below-

Common ProblemsSolutions
Running toiletAdjust the long rod
Poor flush Change the air transfer tube
Blocked ventsSnaking is needed

There can be different kinds of issues in the toilet. Based on the situation, you can find your desired solutions.

Running Toilet

The most common and frequent problem is that the Niagara stealth toilet keeps running. You can know that the water is running from the toilet by pushing the flush. The flush should be depressed approximately 1/16 to 1/8 inches before you feel any resistance.

If you feel the pressure earlier, the rod has become longer, and if you feel the resistance longer than usual, the rod has become shorter. As you have diagnosed the problem, now you should follow the following steps-

  • Remove the toilet lid.
  • After that, you will see a black adjustment screw on the bottom of the long rod. If you turn it to the right or clockwise, the rod will become short, and turning to the left or anti-clockwise will do the opposite.
  • Based on the resistance you felt earlier while checking, turn the adjustment screw left or right to lengthen or shorten the rod, and it will solve your problem.
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If the water is still leaking, you must know that the problem is not in the flush. In that case, you need to do the following things-

  • Remove the lid of your toilet, and you will see a black float cup valve.
  • Check if there is anything blocking the float cup from moving freely.
  • Most of the time, you will see that the float is facing downward. In that case, manually lift the float cup up, which will sometimes stop the water from leaking.

However, if the water is still running, remove the cap from the top of the float cup valve and the float cup arm pin.

  • After removing those things, you will find another cap. Give a firm press on it, twist it to the left, and remove the cap. You will find a rubber seal underneath the cup. Wash it off, re-assemble all the instruments, and check if the water is running correctly.

If the fixes listed above do not work, the float cup valve needs to be changed. If your Niagara stealth still has a warranty, you can contact them for a new one.

Poor Flush

Another frequent problem that can be seen is that the Niagara stealth toilet keeps running. If you face a poor flush problem, then you have to know that the waste pipes or jets may become clogged, or the water level has sunken in the bowl.

Also, the stealth toilet not flushing properly can happen because of its economical water usage. You will know that your toilet has a weak flush after seeing the water level in each flush.

You can follow the below-listed steps for fixing it-

  • First of all, check if the water tank is leaning against the wall. If it is inclining with the wall, then the air tube may not be connected. After diagnosing the problem, make sure that enough water is in the tank.
  • In the Niagara stealth toilet, you will find a BSB valve sign indicating the waterline. Hand-adjust the fill valve or use a Phillips or regular screwdriver.
  • To raise or reduce the water level, spin the screw linked to the float arm clockwise or to the right, commencing with one complete turn clockwise. To increase the water level, do the opposite of it.
  • Manually press the flush button to see if it is working.
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Blocked Vents

Sometimes the toilet can be clogged because of the tissue papers, hair, or objects. To check if the toilet has blocked vents, pour a bucket of water directly into the bowl. If the water does not go down properly, then you have a clogged vent.

The toilet needs to be plunged or snaked if there is a blockage. Due to the form of the Niagara stealth trackway with two odd spots, if a snake is utilized, the augur must be changed to go past the trap while sneaking a toilet.

A conventional augur must be significantly altered to allow the drop head to span the length of the trap. In addition, the coil directly below the drop head must be stretched by roughly one inch. This will give the drop hit more flexibility and travel through tighter angles.

Insert the snake’s drop pin into the toilet and push it through until you reach an obstacle. Twist and push the snake through the blockage until the water starts to flow. Take caution when removing the snake to avoid causing extra harm to the toilet or flush system.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Niagara Stealth A Good Toilet?

The Niagara Stealth toilet is good because of its efficacy and high functionality. It is one of the best noise-canceling toilet products in the market. Its noise-canceling tank and concealed valve ensure that no sound gets out during flushing.

How Do You Unclog A Niagara Stealth Toilet?

Plunging or snaking can unclog the Niagara stealth toilet. Inserting a snaking auger into the toilet can remove the obstruction. Sometimes plunging the toilet will build the water pressure and thus will unclog the toilet.

How Do You Adjust A Niagara Stealth Toilet?

You can adjust a Niagara stealth toilet by installing the flush valve. The flush button is pre-installed in the tank lid at the manufacturing. So you just have to toughen the clamp nut on the flush button pathway into the tank lid manually.


Niagra stealth toilet is one of the best toilets out there because of its modern technology. However, like every toilet, this toilet has its own problem too. The best thing about this toilet is the structure is straightforward, and you can quickly identify the Niagara stealth toilet problems.

You can resolve the problems by following the steps in this article. If any parts are damaged, then don’t worry. You can contact Niagara’s help and support center, and they will send a new piece on your way.

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