Looking For Freestanding Tub Drain Hose? Check Out and Pick One!

Do you have the freestanding tub and looking for a suitable drain hose? But getting confused to pick a desirable one? No worries, here is a list of the top-chosen 7 freestanding tub drain hose and kits, along with their specs and the factors to choose the right one satisfying your plumbing needs.

However, as we know, selecting a proper drain hose for a tub is most important from choosing a tub. Because if we can’t drain the water properly and the Tub can’t soak the water, it will be messy for the entire washroom. And in this case, the tub drain hose plays a significant role.

However, let’s know about the freestanding tub draining hose and its variation. Know about it and pick your demanded one.

What Is Freestanding Tub Drain Hose?

The freestanding Tub is a modern popular bathtub that isn’t attached to the floor like other regular bathtubs. However, the freestanding tub drain hose is a plumbing system connected to the drainpipe of hot and cold water pipes.

Basically, it is known as a freestanding bathtub drain hose when the drain pipe gets connected to the freestanding tubs.

However, the specification can be based on the feature of the standalone bathtub design because the overflow of a drain hose is different from the different regular stile bathtub.

Some are designed for a regular traditional bathtub, and some are freestanding bathtubs. That is the basic identity of this plumbing system.   

7 Cheap to Premium Freestanding Tub Drain Hose

freestanding tub drain tubes

Well, here is the list of 7 freestanding tub drain tubes that are pretty useful and worthy to buy. You can judge them with their price, need, and the customer’s positive vibes.

Let’s read as per our demonstrating choice.

1. OSB: Durable Brass Tail Pipe & ABS Plastic Adapter

There is another freestanding bathtub rough-in kit that is designed to be perfect with a standalone tub. OSB made the kit keeping durable enough, and two different types of tailpieces make the kit compatible with other setups.

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However, you will get it easy to install, and when you install it once, you will definitely love this. The price of it is a bit high but affordable.  This drain kit has an integrated overflow that helps you not to use another traditional tub flange.  However, you can go for it once and try. 

This PVC adapter is highly recommended and a bit expensive compared to the other bathtub drain kit. But no matter, you will be pleased knowing that you won’t need to cut a hole in the ceiling.

The parts number ITD5135 from OS&B is easy to install with a waterproofing membrane, and it is included a 1-1/2-inch PVC tailpiece. So, if you want, check it once a must.  

3. Uni-Moulding Inc– Bathtub Drain Rough-In Kit 

This bathtub drain is solid tailpipe brass and easy to install. It doesn’t need the underneath access to install. So it saves time.

It has the option to install to the pipe one, 1-½ inches, and another one 2 inches. So, it doesn’t need a specific pipe to install. Moreover, it is also made from durable ABS plastic.    

4. DROP-IN DRAIN – PVC Style Perfect Kit

My next choice is a PVC kit and easy to install from the Drop-In Drain brand.  The yellow part of this freestanding drain kit is made of heavy metal with PVC for good attachment with the floor.

Although the market price of it is a bit expensive compared to the other drain kits, if you don’t bother with the price, you may go for it. Because after installing it you will feel satisfied for the consume. 

5. Fibetter Kit – Reliable And Quick Installation kit

Here is another brass tailpipe I picked for you that is also easy to install and a time saver. But the interesting thing in this rough-in is, it saves aggravation on setting a freestanding tub.

This kit is designed to place above your subfloor but underneath the cement floor or tile. As a result, you need not access below the fixture. The base of it is made of durable plastic with a brass tailpipe, and you can install it on 2″ or 1-1/2″ pipes. So there is flexibility. 

6. American Standard– Metallic Bathtub Darin Kit

Here is another option to pick while choosing a freestanding bathtub drain kit. You will find the equipment with a drain stopper, plug, and an 8-inch tailpiece.

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You will find it durable enough and a year warranty. So there is no risk of wasting money if there is any fault in a part of the kit.

However, this drain kit is also easy to install. It is specially made for matching with the studio S Bathroom Collection, which can enrich the beauty of your bathroom.

7. Signature Hardware – Easy To Install Rough-In kit

The rough-in kit for PVC from Signature Hardware is an excellent choice for the freestanding Tub. This kit’s special convenience is that you need not do any hassle to get access bellow the fixture.

You can easily place it above the subfloor and underneath it with the tile or cement floor or whatever the floor is. Not only that, you will get a warranty of a minimum of 5 years from the Signature hardware.

However, if you purchase it, you won’t feel regret because of its durability.

Things to Consider While Buying Freestanding Tub Drain Hose

As we placed 7 products that are best compared to their cost and the customers’ appreciation, we considered selecting them as follows. 


One should check out the durability from the tub drain pack’s description because it is not wise to replace the drain hose month to month.So, check out is it durable enough or not. And it will you see in the product description.


Look for the material that you are purchasing. Is the drain hose plastic or metal made? In some cases, you may prefer a plastic hose and, for drain, metal. But check if the plastic is solid or not, and in regard to drains, it should be steel. Moreover, the steel should be stainless steel.


It is essential to check the brand name before buying a stand-alone tub drain hose or any plumbings. Because some renowned brands are leading the plumbing industry, you can trust their products blindly in the sense of getting leaks or durable time. So, pick the best brand’s hose to drain your Tub’s water smoothly.

Positive Reviews From Real Customers

Search the product with its brand name on the internet and check the reviews. If you see reasonable positive reviews for the particular drain along with its durability, quality of stopping water, and draining, then you can select it. Also, you can check out the ratings as well.

So, these are the things you should consider first before buying a tub drain hose.

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I stop my freestanding Tub from moving?

Sometimes, you may face your freestanding Tub moving slowly, then what to do? Well, In this case, you can put a bit of silicone sealant under the leveling feet. That will prevent the Tub from moving.

How are freestanding tubs secured to the floor?

Securing the freestanding Tub to the floor is the most important part of its installation. However, when you intend to install a freestanding tub, make sure you run a bead of caulk around the bottom as a base of the bathtub. Repeat the process twice and when the caulk dries, wipe out any excess with a damp cloth.


 To sum up all the above discussion, every freestanding tub drain hose is unique with its own feature and service. You must get some tub drains that are expensive but demanding, and some are cheap but less popular. Now, which one should you pick?

Well, let us help you out. If you want something very reasonable price but less designable, you can pick the Flexible Drain Hose Tail Pipe. It will save the most money.

On the contrary, if you want something gorgeous and are not worried about the cost, we will suggest picking OSB’s brass tailpipe.

After all the observations, pick your desired one.  

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