Plastic Vs Brass PEX Fittings For You To Make Decision Easily

What is the difference between plastic and brass PEX fittings? The brass fitting is not suitable for the acidic water system, whereas the plastic fitting is suitable for different water conditions.

Thus, it is essential to explore plastic vs brass pex fittings if you have concerned with your plumbing system. Let’s know some aspects regarding the two types of fitting in this blog.

Plastic Vs Brass PEX Fittings

FactorsPlastic PEX fittingBrass PEX fitting
Installation CostsComparatively less installation costMuch expensive
Installation ProcedureA bit complex installation processEasy installation process
Water Flow RateNot very high flow rateGood flow rate
DurabilityIdeal for design fittingPerfect for tricky fitting
FlexibilityGood flexibilityA bit less flexibility

For the last several years, plumbers and the wider public have argued the pros and cons of plastic and brass fittings. Depending on your application and the integrity of your water supply, you should choose the correct fitting.

There are other serious factors, which we highlighted in the column. So, why not go through the details in depth so that you can comprehend the pertinent aspects?

Installation Procedure

Thinking about the pricing may not be enough because you have to feel comfortable with the installation process. Look, you are working with your water supply, and you must not want any leakage to occur with your plumbing system. The thighs will be so clear if you compare and specifically mention plastic vs brass pex fittings installation.

You will find some difficulties installing plastic PEX fitting. However, I don’t think it will be hard for you or the plumber. The main reason is, you have to carry forward with some additional steps. Therefore, installing the PEX pipe with Plastic fittings may take a long time.

If we talk about brass PEX fitting in the same regard, you will find a lot of ease with this type of fitting. It may take a few seconds to install. A few essential tools to crimp ring down will be bare enough.

You can efficiently complete the installation task quite quickly if you know how things can work. Moreover, if the procedures seem very hard and confusing to you, why not call in a plumber? The installation process is not the only key thing that you choose the type of fitting based on. Let’s know what comes then.

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Water Flow Rate

It is very important having an excellent water flow rate in your water supply system. For this, you should try to pick a fitting that has a better water flow rate. Though using fittings can often reduce the flow of water through the pipe, a perfect fitting can fix the issues for you prominently.

While measuring the water flow rate, the sizes and the shapes of the fitting play a very decent role. Initially talking, choosing about plastic PEX fitting will give you a comparatively lower water flow than a rass PEX fitting. This is because of the elbows of the fitting; it doesn’t matter whether it is plastic or brass, has to be less pressure for ensuring good water flow.

The equivalent length is another factor that you should take into your account. When we talk about the elbow, the equivalent length for plastic fitting is 9.11 and 13.53 for the normal size of ½ inch—most of the time. The water flow rate also depends on the types of application you are using.

Besides, the plastic PEX fitting has a smaller ID if you compare this with the brass fitting, and We think this part will give a clear picture of choosing plastic or brass pex fittings. The plastic PEX fitting has a thicker wall as well.


You have to ensure the fitting that you are going to use is durable. A stable fitting system will provide you with the best plumbing experience. The expert in this field also suggests you take this concept into deep consideration. Many causes ensure durability.

We don’t know the actual picture of your plumbing system at home or residential area. But, if you have a tough water supply system, it will be good for you to choose the brass fitting. Brass fitting nowadays is entirely sustainable as well.

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So, if you need to create fitting on the most challenging area of your plumbing system, you can go with brass fitting confidently.

We don’t want to make you feel upset about the plastic fitting on the PEX pipe as well. You will also have a very great experience once you start using the plastic fitting. Both the fittings have outstanding corrosion resistance features.

The water condition inside the pipe also defines the durability of these two fittings. If the water condition is very acidic, you must use the plastic fitting, as mentioned earlier in this blog.

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You must be wondering about the leakage possibilities about the fitting that we have been talking about. With brass PEX fitting, you may notice the leaks very often. But, in the case of plastic PEX fitting, the chances of leaks are pretty low. This is because most houses have a more inadequate quality water system. Hence, it is ideal to use plastic fittings.


What if you need to make changes happen with your water supply system? You should surely look for highly flexible fittings. You need to take your water system to any corner of your residence or somewhere else. Therefore, the flexibility of the fittings is very crucial.

You can quickly remount and design the plastic PEX fittings at any time. If there is any debris and you badly need to clean it, you can easily remove and clean the fittings made of plastic.

Brass PEX fittings are also very malleable. You can make it in different shapes if you want. Make sure you buy brass fittings that are of the best quality. Are this point making sense regarding plastic or brass pex fittings? We hope so.

Installation Costs

We care about the money that we intend to spend. When you invest your valuable money in an important project like plumbing, you must consider the installation price. As we are talking about two types of fitting here, they have some variations regarding installation.

Plastic fitting is made of plastic. This is the most probable reason you will have a meager installation cost. On the other hand, you have to spend a lot in terms of the brass fitting. So you have to note this point seriously while analyzing plastic vs brass pex connections.

It is often said that the cost of brass PEX pipe fittings is five-time greater than plastic PEX fittings. So, if you have a very tight budget, you should definitely go with the plastic PEX fittings. But, don’t just make your decision now based on the pricing; some factors will open your eyes.

The products made from poly plastics are often very low cost because of the materials. On the other hand, the products made from metals are usually expensive.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you use brass fittings with PEX pipe?

The straightforward answer to this question will be “Yes”. Regarding the condition of the application that you use, you can use brass fitting. Brass fittings are very easy to install where you don’t need a lot of tools. In addition, it will protect your pipes from damage, corrode and many other disturbances.

How long do brass PEX fittings last?

The life expectancy of brass PEX fittings is enormous. Maintaining the brass fitting can last for a long time; brass PEX fittings are made of metals that usually have long sustainability. In addition, it has many dynamic properties which allow it to last very long.

Are PEX plastic fittings reliable?

Very reliable. Plastic fitting hardly corrodes, and this is the probable reason you don’t need to change the fitting in regular intervals. The plumber suggests using a plastic fitting with the PEX Pipes. The changes in leakage are also very low in terms of these fittings.

Final Verdict

Let’s make a decision here. Based on what you have explored so far, you can just pick one very randomly here. You need to know your circumstances very clearly and choose the type of fitting that goes with those. This manner will be excellent for plastic vs brass pex fittings.

Some people think about budget more than anything else, and if you are from those people, why not go with plastic PEX fittings? Do you want more durability? You can choose brass PEX fittings which are also very flexible as well. The choice is up to you now.

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