Most 3 Harbor Freight Shallow Well Pump Problems & Solutions

Worried about the Harbor Freight Shallow Well Pump Problems that you just faced? The most common problem users face is the motor malfunctioning. And it can be resolved easily.

The depth of the shallow well pump is generally less than 25′, and their operation is over the ground level. They are submersible and need much more protection since there is a chance of burnout.

So, let’s have a tour of all the problems users buzz about after long-term use.

Harbor Freight Shallow Well Pump Problems

First, let’s check out the potential Shallow pump problems and solutions.

Motor malfunctionsInstall a new motor in it
Pump losing pressureInstall an external small bladder type tank
Pump losing primeInstall a jet pump

Replace the Motor When Motor Malfunctions

Here we have discussed how you can put a new motor after taking apart the old one step by step.

  • First, take off all the bolts of the pump to take it apart. The bolts are stationed at the end of the motor and usually look like pens about 10 mm long.
  • Hold the end of the motor with a pair of vise grips.
  • Then, take the snot off from the other end.
  • There is a spring-loaded bearing with a seal inside. Make sure to keep the keyway at hand and not lose it. The motor will come right off afterward.

Pump Losing Pressure

The decrease of pressure in the pump is a common problem. There are many reasons for that, along with possible related solutions. The pump’s pressure is lesser when they are clogged up with sediments and debris.

  • One of the solutions to the problem is installing an external tank on the side of the pressure. In case the pump is for agricultural purposes, just mount it vertically. It will get under its pressure in time after letting the air out.
  • Another solution is to empty the tank. This is done when the purpose is to let the pump bleed out on its own. Make sure to shut the system completely.
  • You can also buy a new small bladder tank and install it.

Install a Jet Pump When Pump Losing Prime

Let’s discuss how you can install a jet pump. The jet pumps are used to draw the water out from the well with the help of suction pipes. When the Harbor Freight Shallow Well Pump is losing its prime, the installation of a jet pump will help solve the problem.

  • First, select a base for mounting and bolt the lag screws.
  • Then screw an adaptor after turning the pressure tank on its side. Then connect the pipes.

Note: In the case of PVC pipes, screw the adaptor to the elbow and wrap it with plumbing tape.

  • After finalizing tank location, anchor it with the help of concrete or lag screws.

Note: In the case of the seismic zine, make sure to secure in a wall.

  • Screw the adaptor in the pump outlet and tighten it. Make sure to run the pipe through the outlet and tank inlet. Connect with appropriate fittings.

Note: In the case of PVC pipe, join with cement the fitting and joints.

  • Then with the help of pipe and fittings, connect the pressure pump to the tank. Make sure to install a shut-off valve so that when the time of repairs comes, you can disconnect it.
  • The next step is connecting with the electricity source. Well, it depends on your pump type and place. Also, you can hardwire it to a circuit.
  • The final step is screwing the pressure gauge with the faucet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why won’t my shallow well pump build pressure?

If the shallow well pump is not building pressure, check if there is any internal damage to the impeller, seal, or bearing. This damage can cause the inability to build pressure. There might also be clogging issues. See if there is any debris in the pump compartments.

Why does my shallow well pump keep losing prime?

Sometimes when the foot valve leaks, the pump loses its prime between starts. The reason for this is debris clogging the foot valve or suction strainer, and this clogging can cause the pump to overheat and lose its prime.

Why does my shallow well pump keep running?

If the pump pressure control switch is faulty, then the pump keeps running. The water level drops and causes a leak in the pump.

How do you get air out of a water well?

Keep the cold and hot water on and let the water run for 2 minutes from the lowest to the highest faucet. This will get all the air out of the pipes.


Harbor Freight Shallow Well Pump is a great pump and is popularly used nowadays. This article has all the Harbor Freight Shallow well pump problems you might face now or then.

However, the pump is used primarily for ground-level water, and it comes with a 1″ discharge port and controller. The Harbor Freight Shallow Well Pump is used in many residential areas, and agricultural lands for its powerful and silent operation ability. No matter where you use it, knowing these fixes can help you in the long run.

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