What Size Pex For Washer is Preferable For Adequate Water Supply

Do you think of changing the hoses of your washer? Then you can install a Pex tubing for the cloth washer. The most common question for using Pex tubing in a washing machine is what size of Pex for washer.

Nowadays, Pex is the most popular system of water for household work. Pex pipes have different uses depending on their sizes.

You can use them for household water supplies like bathrooms, kitchens, laundry, etc. So if you want to install Pex in your washer, we will help you choose the right size and color for your washer.

To know which size Pex is suitable for your washer, read out this article and do not skip anything.

What Size Pex For Washer: Know About Pex Plumbing

Pex For Washer

Pex is very popular now in the plumbing system. They are lower cost and more flexible than the traditional plumbing system. Because of its excellent heat resistance can resist pipe bursting, which can be used for hot and cold water plumbing.

What is PEX?

Pex is an advanced cross-linked polyethylene tubing. These pipes are easy to install than copper pipes. They are flexible and long-lasting too. It is more cost-effective than traditional copper plumbing and can be removed when needed.

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Available Size of PexFor water supply

There are different sizes and colors of Pex available in the market as per their use. The most common  Pexsises for water supply range from 3/8″ to 1″.

However, you can check the Pex tubing size chart from Pex Universe to better understand

You can choose a preferable size of Pex pipe for your washer inlet and outlet water supply.  For a washing machine or dishwasher, it is beneficial to use 1/2-inch lines. With this size Pex in the washers, you do not have to wait long to fill the machine.

Different Color Pex

There are other things that you should be careful about. It is the color of the pipe you are choosing. There are three colors available in Pex. Depending on the use, you can select the color of the tube.

Red Pex pipe: Red color Pex pipe indicates a hot water line. They are specially made for hot water supply.

Blue Pex pipe: The blue lines are for cold water supply through the household water supply system.

White/Gray Pex pipe: The gray color Pex can be installed in both hot and cold water supply systems without bothering the color.

Inlet and Outlet of Washers

There are three types of water lines in a washer. One is a water supply line cone from the main water supply, supply hoses connect the water supply line to the washer, and the outlet or drain line helps drain out the water from the washer.

Water supply line

Usually, a washer receives water from water lines of ½”. Typically the water lines use traditional copper pipes for hot and cold.  Instead of copper pipes nowadays, Pex pipes are also installed.

When replacing a copper line with Pex, it should consider that the Pex line you are going to place instead of the existing copper line should be the same in diameter.

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For hot water supply to the washer, you can install red Pex of ½” diameter, and for cold water supply, you can install blue Pex of ½” diameter.

Supply Hoses

To supply hot and cold water, you can also use a Pex pipe to supply water to the washer. A plastic washer box can be used to connect the washer and water supply.

The water supply line end connects to an open-front plastic washer box with valves to control water flow to the washer. It also helps to connect the flexible hoses that connect the washer to the water supply.

Note: The Pex pipes are only standard for use in supplying water but not standard for drain lines. For draining lines, the most d\standard is a 2″ PVC pipe.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can PEX Pipe Be Used For A Washing Machine?

Yes, Pex pipe can be used for a washing machine. For hot and cold water supply to the washing machine, there are two different colors of PEX available.

What size of PEX do I need?

There are different sizes of PEX pipe available in the market. A ½” PEX is suitable for supplying water to a washing machine. To replace an existed copper water supply line with PEX, you should have the same diameter PEX to install.

Can You Plumb A House With 1/2 Inch PEX?

For an adequate water supply to a house, ¾ inch or ½ inch are standard for main lines for your house plumbing. So you can easily plumb a house with ½ inches PEX.


Did you know before reading this what size Pex for washer. It is essential to know bout the different sizes and diameters of the Pex before installing Pex plumbing at your home.

There are different sizes and diameters of Pex for several uses. If you know the standard size of the Pex, it will be helpful for you.

Otherwise, with a lower size Pex, you will have to wait longer to get the washer full. With a larger Pex, the washer will fill in less time and get flooded with your house.

Knowing the available Pex size and which is suitable for your washer is very important to avoid those unwanted situations.

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