What Will Dissolve Grout In Drain Pipe? And How To Remove?

It is hard to remove grout once it gets hard. And it gets hard pretty quick. When it gets into the drain pipe, it gets harder to remove manually. So, what will dissolve grout in drain pipe? Any biodegradable stuff or acid can dissolve the grout.

Here, we will give you some clear ideas of what you can use to dissolve grouts in drain pipes.

Clogged drain pipes are a common problem around households. But it is absolutely devastating when it gets blocked with something that seems to be irremovable, like- grout or cement.

When remodeling the bathroom floor or the kitchen, it can happen when the workers ignorantly dump the bits and pieces of grout, tile, and mortar in the pipe or when washing building materials from the tools. Let’s see what can dissolve this stone-hard grout.

What Will Dissolve Grout In Drain Pipe?

There are many things that can dissolve grout in drain pipes, like- acid, biodegradable products, flushing, or high-pressure jet blasting. You can use them to clear the grout in shower drain. We are discussing each process below. So, bear with us!

We will discuss five different things here that can dissolve grout so that you can choose one that fits your situation best. Keeping the pipe intact and getting a trouble-free solution to your problem without spending on new pipes will require you to consider these items to use while considering the severity of the blockage.


Let us start with the easiest possible solution to dissolve grout in the drain pipe. But acid can be a risky one to use, especially when you have no previous experience of handling it.

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However, acid can dissolve concrete in pipes, attacking the limestone in it. One should be careful and wear appropriate safety suits and goggles when working with acids.

Also, be sure about what the pipe is made of, as the acid can damage it if it is made of iron, copper, or concrete. Even it can hamper the foundation. Therefore, CCTV inspection is a must.

To dissolve the grout,people generally use muriatic acid. This colorless acid is a mixture of hydrogen chloride and water. This chemical can be found in home improvement stores. However, one should not pour acid in its pure form without diluting it with water.

Biodegradable Non-acid, Cement Softening  Solution

The biodegradable solution is a safer alternative to the acid for dissolving grout. It is super handy for the general public since exposure to harsh chemicals and fumes is reduced.

The commercial biodegradable products soften the grout but do not dissolve completely. So, one has to use a jet blaster to flush away all the loosened filth.

How To Remove Grout From A Drain Pipe?

Here aresome ways that you can follow to remove grout from the shower pipe once you have dissolved it using acid or biodegradable solution. The following methods are to remove the grout from the pipe.

Flushing With Water

When you suddenly remember the outside drain blocked with cement is still raw, you can flush it away.

Flushing the pipe with plenty of water will remove any raw grout that is sticking inside the pipe. However, it will not work if the concrete is already dried. Flushing may only move it to the other part of the pipe system and not completely flush away. It will not dissolve the grout whatsoever.

Using Auger Or Plumbing Snake

Auger, which is also known as a plumbing snake, is a common tool used by plumbers or construction workers. It is kind of a drilling machine used for drilling holes. These tools are available for rent from The Home Depot or other rental services.

The plumbing snake or pipe snake drills through the dried concrete and breaks it into pieces, and removes the block from the path. A major drawback of the tool is that it has to be long enough to reach the block area.

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It is more convenient to use an auger than a jet blaster. Therefore, if you are concerned about damaging the drain pipe, then using the auger is a far better option. You may face some critical issues, like- damaging the pipe when drilling or can not see the blockage from outside.

The professional workers are trained to do these jobs and do a CCTV inspection to figure out where the block is. Asking them to help out with a moderate customized fee seems more convenient than removing a massive block of grout from the shower drain pipe.

Using A High-Pressure Jet Blasting

If the grout is stone-hard and prevents water from flowing, a high-pressure jet blaster can remove the grout from the pipe once it is softened with acid or drilled with auger. But one can only use it if they have proper training and experience.

Rental services are available for the equipment from online or local stores. The high pressure from the machine removes any blocking material in the path, whether it is concrete, grout, or gunk.

There are chances that the pipes can face damage if the jet blaster is not properly utilized. Also, the damage can be irreparable. Hiring a professional to remove the grout would be better if you are unfamiliar with this type of work. They know better how to use the tools.

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What dissolves concrete in a drain?

Hydrochloric acid or muriatic acid can dissolve concrete in a drain. If the pipe is made of PVC, it should not be a problem, but for concrete or terracotta pipes, the acid can cause damage. Therefore, use the acid with precaution and know how much you should use. However, it is dangerous to use the acid in its pure form since it may form fumes and have a chemical reaction.

Can you rinse grout down the drain?

You should not rinse grout down the drain since it can harden inside the pipe and clog it.

Does vinegar dissolve concrete?

Vinegar is a weak, diluted acid that cannot dissolve concrete. However, it can loosen the binding of the cement, the material which holds the concrete together. It will only cause minor surface damage on the concrete and nothing more.

Final Words

We hope now you know what will dissolve grout in drain pipe. However, dissolving the grout may not always be a safe and good option.

Therefore, consider using an auger instead. Also, homeowners should take the help of professionals if DIY seems hazardous or rethink the piping if there are possibilities of damage.

In the case of concrete in toilet, using a plunger would be better than the jet blaster to push and flush it away.

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