How to Remove SharkBite Clamp- 3 Ways W/O Using a Tool

SharkBite clamps can be removed using a tool and without a tool as well. Here we will get a step-by-step guide on how to remove SharkBite clamp.

We all want to save some bucks without calling a plumber and solving the small plumbing issues ourselves. But sometimes, there are not enough guidelines on how to get things done, and removing PEX clamps is one of them. 

SharkBite stainless steel clamps are one of the most popular clamp rings which are compatible with PEX and PE-RT pipes. If you are already using SharkBite clamps in your plumbing system and there is a necessity for repiping or remodeling, you must wonder how to remove those.

How to Remove SharkBite Clamp

Remove SharkBite Clamp

As mentioned earlier, there are both ways of removing SharkBite clamps – with a tool and without any tool. First, we will see how to pull out the clamp without using any tool. Let’s get started.

Remove Sharkbite Clamp Without Any Tool

We all know various methods to remove SharkBite fitting without tool, but it’s hard to find any easy direction when it is about clamp. Removing a SharkBite clamp without any tool doesn’t seem to be possible because the clamp has quite a strong grip, and it won’t be easy to pull it off with bare hands.

So, you definitely need to use a tool! But nothing to worry about because it is the most basic onewe all have at our home-a flathead screwdriver. 

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Remember to turn off the water supply through the pipeline before starting the process. 

Let’s see how to remove a SharkBite clamp with a screwdriver following these 3 easy steps:

STEP 1: Take a flathead screwdriver and place that between the outer end of the clamp ring and the clamp body. Since the clamp holds tight and the gap is very narrow, your screwdriver needs to be thin-headed.

STEP 2: Move the screwdriver back and forth to make the locking tab loose and pop open. 

STEP 3: Once the locking tab is unlocked, simply use your finger to put a bit of pressure and pull it open. And you are done!

Though it sounds so easy, using a screwdriver to remove a SharkBite clamp can be difficult if the pipe is located in a confined space. Moreover, it requires time and energy. 

So, if you don’t have enough room to use a screwdriver, you need to use tools for removing the clamp. Now we’ll see how to remove SharkBite in tight space using tools.

Remove Sharkbite Clamp Using Tools

We often get confused about which tools to open a clamp. Here are two most effective tools to remove a SharkBite clamp and methods of using those: 

Using SharkBite Removal Tool

This is the easiest process to cut loose a clamp. So, how do you use a SharkBite removal tool? The steps include:

STEP 1: Take a clamp removal tool and set the cutting jaws on both sides of the clamp ear. Now press the handles together until the clamp ear is completely cut through. 

The iCrimp Clamp Removal Tool is one of the best cutting tools specially designed to cut stainless steel clamps with a fine grip and solid metal for maximum mechanical advantage. 

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STEP 2: Now use the jaws to hold one of the cut ends to pull the clamp open and remove it from the pipe. That’s all!

Using High-Speed Rotary Tool

If you don’t have access to the removal tool, then a high-speed rotary tool can come in handy. The process is:

STEP 1: Take a compact size high-speed rotary tool with a small cut-off wheel. Remember to maintain proper safety protection before working on this method. Now switch on the tool and carefully cut through the middle of the clamp ear until it springs open.

STEP 2: Next, just simply split it open using your hand and remove it from the pipe.

Now you know how to remove SharkBite clamp. But what if it’s a crimp ring that you want to remove?

Well, the SharkBite Crimp Ring Removal Tool got you covered. It is great for removing copper crimp rings from brass or poly crimp connectors to reuse fittings.

This Video Will Help You Too!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you remove a SharkBite fitting without tool?

If you can’t remove SharkBite fitting and think it might be a complicated process, you should learn about the SharkBite disconnect clip. Put the disconnect clip around the pipe and move it up to the release collar. Put some pressure on the release collar using the disconnect clip and pull your pipe away from the fitting.

Can SharkBite connectors be removed?

SharkBite fittings use a push-to-connect mechanism which makes the removal process easier. However, the removal causes zero damage so that the connector can be reused.


The above-mentioned methods are the most convenient ways for removing SharkBite clamps. Using the SharkBite removal tool is the easiest and safest of them all.

However, if the tool is not available, you can go for the flathead screwdriver. But, using a screwdriver to remove a clamp will necessitate enough space to move the screwdriver backward and forward.

Another way is to use a high-speed rotary tool with a cut-off wheel which requires safety precautions and is not appropriate for confined space. If you are confident with your tools and have enough room for the process, using a high-speed rotary tool can be a good option.

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