Delta Cartridges Chart: Find The Perfect Fit For Your Delta Faucet

If you are finding the ideal fixtures for your shower, you may have heard the name Delta shower products for its popularity. But as many models of delta cartridges are available out there, it’s natural for people to get confused when finding a perfect cartridge for their faucets. 

Worry not! In this article, I will help you find the perfect delta cartridge from the delta cartridges chart.

Now, to find an ideal cartridge for your delta faucet, check the model number below its handle or on the packaging. And then, find a cartridge that suits this model number.

Let’s get a bit deeper into it!

Delta Cartridges Chart to Find the Right Replacement

ModelSizeItem DimensionsIncluded ComponentsUsed with
Delta RP19804 1300/1400 Series CartridgeSmall8*3.4*3 inchesCartridge AssemblyAny Monitor series using an RP19804
Delta RP32104 Monitor 17 Series CartridgeSmall8.15*3.93*2.35 inchesPlumbing Fixtures, Kitchen Faucets and Accessories faucet cartridgesAny Monitor 1700 series using an RP32104
Delta RP46463 T17 Series CartridgeSmall8.15*3.93*2.35 inchesPlumbings SuppliesAny Multichoice 17 or 18 series trim
Delta RP47201 Multichoice CartridgeOne Size8*4.25*3.5 inchesPlumbing SuppliesDelta MultiChoice 17T series shower trims
Delta RP46074 Tub Shower CartridgeOne Size8.15*3.93*2.35 inchesPlumbing Fixtures, Kitchen Faucets and Accessories faucet cartridgesAny Multichoice Universal 13/14 Series
Delta RP50587 Single Handle Valve CartridgeSmall1*1*3 inchesPlumbing SuppliesWith Single Handle DIAMOND Seal Technology Series

Usually, when renovating or making your home, you need to fix your bathroom fits too. In that case, you call a plumber to help you with the fixtures of bathrooms and showers. So, that time, you don’t have to worry about the models of your bathroom fittings.

But after using these fixtures, it’s natural for them to be worn out after a certain time. However, in this case, instead of calling a plumber, you can fix your basic plumbing problems on your own.

For example, if your kitchen or shower cartridge gets worn out and starts leaking water, you can replace your old delta shower cartridge by finding the model number of your faucet.

Remember, you can find the model number of a delta faucet on the escutcheon plate below the handle. If your model doesn’t have this, you may find it in the package. Some models can be identified on the official website of Delta as well.

Finding Your Perfect Fit Cartridge by this Chart

Now after taking a look at this chart, you have got a basic idea about the cartridges that Delta Faucet offers its customers. To find the perfect cartridge for the kitchen or shower fixtures faucet, check the Column “Used With.” Then match the criteria with your faucet model and see which model is associated with your faucet.

After finding the perfect cartridge for your tap or faucet, you can buy it from a local plumbing supply store, Delta’s official website, or Amazon. Now, do your worn-out delta shower cartridge replacement with the new one and eliminate the water leaking problem.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I know what Delta Faucet Cartridge I need?

To find the perfect cartridge replacement that suits your current kitchen or shower’s Delta Faucet, you first have to identify your faucet’s model number. You can find the model number below the handle in the package or instruction book. Or you can also find it on Delta’s official website. Then see which model of the cartridge can be used with it.

Are all Delta shower faucet cartridges the same?

Delta shower faucet cartridges are usually universal, but some cartridges are only suitable for some particular models of faucets. So, you can quickly identify the difference by the faucet models they are associated with.

What is the difference between the Delta 14 and 17 series?

Although almost all the features of Delta cartridges are identical, there are slight changes in the features of Delta 14 and 17 series cartridges. Delta 14 series cartridges only offer temperature control. On the other hand, Delta 17 series cartridges have an additional volume control feature.

Can a Delta shower cartridge be reversed?

Yes! You can reverse a Delta shower cartridge using these steps-
#1. First, remove the handle and the trim of your shower
#2. Turn off the shut-off valve to stop the flow of the main water
#3. Then remove the bonnet nut by rotating it to the left
#4. Remove the cartridge and then rotate it
#5. Put the cartridge back in place
#6. Then put the shower handle and trim piece back together
#7. Test if it’s reversed or not

5. Are delta cartridges interchangeable?

Because of the easy installation and replacement of the inner parts of Delta faucets, its cartridges are interchangeable. With the easy process of replacing and repairing the internal components, Delta faucets have been widespread in the market since its start.

Final Words

Well, that’s all there’s to it, people. I hope that your confusion about what type of cartridge you need for your delta shower or kitchen faucet is clear after looking at this article. Now you can avoid calling in a plumber whenever you face a bathroom or kitchen faucet problem.

To wrap it all up, first off, find which model of faucet you use in your shower or sink. To find it, look at the handle of your shower, you will find the model number below. Or check the instruction book or package. Hopefully, you will find it there. If these ways don’t work, look for the model on the official website of Delta.

After finding the model of your faucet, check which cartridge model can be used with it from the delta cartridges chart. Now replace the new cartridge with your old one and solve your plumbing problem yourself.

Have a nice day, thanks!!!

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