How to Connect Black Poly Pipe to Pex- All 3 Ways Explained

How to connect black poly pipe to pex pipe? You can connect it using an adapter coupler, or any PEX crimping tools can be effective in this case, too. You just need to know the process of connecting.

When the PEX is taking over the control of the piping market, we have got the most asked question answered in this content. Here, we will show you the possible methods available of Sharkbitecrimps, clamps, poly pipe fittings adapter, and many more.

So, don’t miss a part to get the best out of it.

How to Connect Black Poly Pipe to Pex: Complete Guide

Connect Black Poly Pipe to Pex

This part will discuss the required steps to connect a black poly pipe to a pex pipe with all the possible tools and methods available. Also, you will have the sharkbite official fittings tutorials.

Now, we’ll show you all of the possible methods. So, stay tuned till the end.

Necessary Tools

Here is a list of necessary tools required to connect a black poly pipe to the pex,

  1. Black poly pipe
  2. Pex pipe
  3. Wrenches
  4. Mallet/timber
  5. Sharkbite depth tool

Also, according to the sharkbite crimps and clamps methods, there are some more fitting tools that might be required.

How Do You Attach a PEX to A Poly Pipe?

Here is a general pex to the poly pipe connecting procedure, where you will need a black poly pipe fittings,

  1. Remove the connection components.
  2. Slide the nut onto the pipe.
  3. Slide the split ring.
  4. Push in the insert (You can use a soft hammer).
  5. Engage the insert with the throat of the body.
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The sharkbite official has two types of barb fittings, such as the crimps and the clamps. We will talk about both methods in detail.

Adapter Coupling

A metal (brass, copper) or plastic fitting for pex tubing connections that mates a pex with a poly pipe with both connector ends. It doesn’t need any extra tool to push into the pex pipe, but you can use a soft hammer if necessary. This adapter allows,

  1. Water transportation.
  2. Chemical transportation.
  3. Hydronic radiant heating-cooling system etc.

An adapter can work alone to serve any of the above purposes. But a crimp ring makes the connection secure and long-lasting. So, up next, let’s get through the crimp connecting method.

Methods for Using Sharkbite Crimps

The crimps system uses a copper crimp pex pipe. Follow the steps below to connect,

  1. Cut the pex end as cleanly and squarely as possible and make sure that there are no sharp edges or debris.
  2. Slide in a crimp ring 2 inches below the cut end.
  3. Now, push the pipe until you feel it connecting into the crimp fittings.
  4. Then, slide in the crimp ring a quarter inch below the fitting.
  5. Finally, place the exact size of the crimp tool on the crimping ring and push with some rotation to make it secure.
  6. Use a go and no go gauge to see if the connections are correct.
  7. The crimp rings must slide easily into the go side of the gauge.
  8. Also, check the no-go side. If it slides in, then re-correct the tool.

If you find any of the crimps incorrect, cut the connection as closer to the ring as possible and carefully remove the rest of the fitting. If there are multiple mismatches, re-connect the entire thing.

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Methods for Using Sharkbite Clamps

The clamp system uses stainless clamps that won’t rust or corrode. In this method, the first four steps will remain the same, and instead of the crimp ring, you will need to add a clamp ring. Then position a clamp tool over the edge of the clamp and squeeze.

You will not need a go- no go gauge for this method. In case the connection is incorrect, cut the pex pipe and use a flat head plier to remove the seal of the clamp and slide it off.

Pex Piping

The pex is a cross-linked polyethylene piping that takes over the copper and galvanized piping day by day. Its flexible polyethylene construction has made it unique as well as more durable than any other pipe. Also, it has,

  • A lower installation cost
  • Good corrosion and erosion resistance
  • User-friendly features
  • Smaller diameter and higher efficiency
  • Noise-free operation

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you crimp PEX to polybutylene?

Sure you can. You can crimp the PEX to polybutylene using a tiny crimp ring that is made of copper. The diameter should match the pex and polybutylene pipe.

Are PEX and poly fittings the same?

No. The main difference between the pex and polybutylene is in their construction. The pex is made of polymer chains that are called cross-linking, and it is absent in the poly fittings.

Final Words

Pex a pipe with all the necessary features are sure to satisfy its users. The steps are similar whether you are using an extra crimp, clamp, or adapter. So, hopefully, you got all ins and out ofhow to connect black poly pipe to pex.

Remember, the Sharkbite fittings with grey color are for polybutylene pipe, and the white color is for PVC pipe. If the pipe is required to burry, use heat tape to seal because it helps the pipe last longer.

Besides, use the exact size crimp ring before installing the fittings. But, if you are working with the clamps, size won’t bother.

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