3 Easiest You Should Know for How To Loosen Gas Line On Stove

How to loosen gas line on stove when you try to replace or move it somewhere else? Applying heat is a recommended way, but wait there is some safety concern. So, there are some other alternatives, no worries.

However, if you wonder how to do it, we came with the most convenient way to get your job done. Yes, you can do it with some simple household tools. Of course, you should know the steps thoroughly to avoid any injuries. Leaking gas lines is dangerous, after all.

Below, we are going to show the steps in detail, including all the safety precautions you should follow.

How To Loosen Gas Line On Stove

Loosen Gas Line On Stove

Before going to the steps, you need to know what kind of tools are useful for this method. The following tools and appliances can come to your rescue if you are confused about how to loosen a stuck gas pipe fitting.

The list includes-

  • High heat gas torch
  • Hammer
  • Pipe wrench
  • Pipe thread sealant
  • Teflon tape
  • Eye protection gear
  • Heat-safe gloves

With these supplies, you can fix the loosened gas line with heat.

Method-1: Heating

You have heard the saying, “strike the iron when it is hot” right? A heated fitting expands to a considerable extent and loosens a lot more than you expect. So, it would be easier to break the joint apart using a pipe wrench.

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However, please maintain necessary safety cautions and make sure to be careful when you apply heat. Working on a gas line is always risky and in that case, protective hand gloves are an absolute must.

Also, if someone asks how to loosen old gas pipe fittings, please tell them that eye protection is mandatory to do that.

Method-2: Hammering and Tilting

There is another way of fixing the issue. ITry the vibration and heat method if your stove is too old and the heating method doesn’t work. This, too, works great in such troubleshooting.

To make this technique work, you need a hammer. Now slowly tap it around the outer ring of the stove joint. At this point, the heating process is required again. So grab the torch and heat the pipe fitting up to several hundred degrees. Of course, it will take a while. So, be patient.

Again, the heat will make the setting more flexible. So, try tapping around again with the hammer. Now take the pipe wrench and try tiling the joint apart. If it still doesn’t work, repeat the vibration and heat methods until the fitting doesn’t loosen up.

Method-3: Using WD-40 For Rusted Stove Pipe

In most cases, people start panicking when they wonder how to loosen stuck gas line from stove. You can always opt for a quick fix other than the two manual procedures above. And here, the WD-40,  a multipurpose lubricant, works great if the fitting is rusty or damaged.

You need to spray it onto the threading directly. Now, wait a bit so that the spray can break down the rust.

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Resultantly, you can loosen a stuck gas pipe quite easily. The WD-40 would penetrate through the joints and make them come out.

Hold the pipe straight and turn the ring anticlockwise. That’s it, the WD-40 multi-use spray makes the bonds break down that easily! Spare only a few minutes, and the most worrying issue of gas line fixing on the stove will be resolved.

Hope this quick fix answers your “how do you loosen a tight gas line” query pretty well.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you use wd40 on a gas pipe?

Yes, you can. WD-40 is a penetrating lubricant that works great to break down rust and corrosion. So, if your gas pipe is too rusty, applying this lubricant to dissolve the rust is a wise decision.

How do you loosen a stuck black iron pipe?

To loosen a stuck black iron pipe, you need to make two cuts on it, leaving a three/four inches gap in between. Now, make a pipe wrench to hold the fitting straight. Then make another wrench to turn the pipe anticlockwise. Thus your stuck black iron pipe will be unstuck.

How do you remove a stuck gas line?

You can remove a stuck gas line by loosening up the gas pipe fitting using heat. Heated up pipe would expand easily. Then use two pipe wrenches, one to hold the pipe, and the rest is to remove the cap. If the line is too old, applying a lubricant spray would help to remove the fitting.


So, that’s all about how to loosen gas line on stove. If you follow the steps above carefully, rest assured that you don’t need to hire a professional. Whether you try for the heat, vibration, and heat, or the WD-40 method, all work equally to loosen a tight gas line.

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As the procedures involve fire breaking risks, you should adopt adequate precautions such as wearing heat-resistant gloves, eye protection, etc. Besides, never be impatient.—spare enough time for the fire to be dissipated once the gas pipe is heated up.

If you have any more queries let us know in the comment sections below.

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