Which One To Choose From Yellow Vs Orange CPVC Cement?

These two cement forms are crucially significant for joining and filling CPVC pipes; then, what is the battle comes for? One of the most noteworthy differences would be that orange cpvc glue can fill tubes up to 6 inches, but yellow cpvc cement can only fill pipes up to 2 inches.

To better your piping system, you have to know the facts about yellow vs orange cpvc cement to choose one. Therefore, we will showcase some of the massive differences and a few key factors to ease making a decision.

Yellow Vs Orange CPVC Cement

FactsYellow CPVC CementOrange CPVC Cement
Ingredientssilicone, polysiloxane, filler, Scrosslinker, etc are used.  Acetone, orange colorant,  CPVC resin, etc.
Drying timeTakes nearly 5 minutes for better strengthTakes around 15 minutes on the same case
Best useThe best-fitting ability of the pipes with different water suppliesSuitable for both hot and cold water plumbing systems
SizeComes in many sizesAppropriate sizes for the users to buy.
ApplicationThe highest application temperature is 110 Degree FSame as yellow cpvc cement
PriceVery reasonable priceAffordable price compared to other CPVC cement
Top PicksE-Z Weld– Solvent CPVC Cement for Copper  WELD-ON– Best for Industrial CPVC and PVC  

These types of cement come in various kinds and sizes. You should choose any one of them depending on the size of the pipe you use. We hope you have started getting some ideas from the above chart. You may find different issues in your CPVC(chlorinated poly (vinyl chloride) pipe, and using these glues will remove your frustration.


What thighs help make your CPVC cement? There are slight differences between CPVC and PVC pipes. CVPC pipe is more high-temperature friendly than PVC. So, one thing is clear; you need a cpvc cement that can suit the high temperatures.

Yellow cpvc cement can come with silicone, polysiloxane, filler, Scrosslinke, and other essential ingredients. In addition, both the mentioned cement have cpvc resin, stabilizers, orange colorants which are very helpful for fast-fitting the pipes. Furthermore, these materials are highly essential for solvent properties.

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Medium orange CPVC has significant chemical properties that make it different from the rest of the cement on the market.

Drying time

It is essential to know the drying time. This is because you use solvent CVPC cement, no matter what cpvc cement it will be. Drying is also called the cure time for these types of cement.

Oatey Medium Orange CPVC cement cure time is around 15 minutes, but some situations will take a long time to cure. For example, if the water supply temperature is high, it will take a long to heal. You have to wait at least 2 hours if the temperature is above 60 degrees F.

On the other hand, yellow CPVC cement has a drying time of 5 minutes. This simply means the set speed of this type of cement is very high if we discuss yellow and orange cpvc cement. If the temperature is becoming cold, it will take less time too.

The drying time varies depending on pipe size in most cases.

Best use

You must not waste your valuable time. Therefore, you need to solve the issues with your water system. When it comes to fitting the pipe, yellow CPVC cement will be excellent for you. Yellow CPVC cement has a fitting up to 2”.

Another good thing is that you literally need no primer to use this cement on the pipes because of its strong materials. But, make sure the local code is permitted. It will protect pipes from corrosion.

When you have a residential and commercial water system, you should go with the orange CPVC cement as well. If you compare Yellow CPVC Cement with orange one, you will see a change in pipe size fitting.

It really doesn’t matter what schedules and classes of CPVC pipe you have; it can easily suit quality. For example, Oatey Medium orange CPVC cement has certification of UL Greenguard Gold. Yellow CPVC cement ensures the same certification.

We have come to know that you will probably get the same shield life for Orange and Yellow CPVC cement, which is 2 years.


You can buy the size of the solvent CPVC cement according to your want. Generally, Yellow CPVC Cement has 5 different sizes.

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The weight of the cement also increases as the size increases. You can have 8 oz. to 128 oz with several consequences. The same facts will be for orange CPVC cement.

You should buy the solvent cement depending on whether you use these for home or commercial use. You will get a maximum of 8.68 LB on these two cement packs.


You have to be careful in this part. You are fitting up the pipe and making sure you perform the task perfectly. The amount of cement used is based on the temperature and the pipe. This is very crucial to CPVC glue on PVC.

For yellow CPVC cement, the maximum application temperature is 43°C with the standard of 40 to 110 degrees F.

Ensure that as the application process will be time-consuming, make sure you have enough time to apply these.

The application circumstances are pretty similar to orange CPVC cement. You can have ⅓ of pipe-fitting orange CPVC solvent cement. It is crucial to make the pipe dry and clean. If you don’t do so, the application process will go in vain.


Users take a majority of their decision on whether to purchase a product based on pricing. Buy, you don’t have to invest a lot while buying CPVC cement. For yellow CPVC cement of medium level, you will be charged around $9 with some variations of the cement. In contrast, you have to pay a minimum of $7 for orange CPVC cement.

You will notice the price range depending on the shops where you buy these. The price will grow up if the number of cement increases. This is because this cement has distinct serial names.

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you use yellow CPVC cement?

Though CPVC works far better than PVC on high-temperature water systems, you can use CPVC on PVC without any doubt. When you compare these to the cold water systems, the influence will remain the same. The cement made for CPVC pipe is relatively stronger because of the structure of CPVC pipe. PVC cement may not work for CPVC cement.

Does Orange CPVC glue need primer?

You need a primer to prepare the bonding area of the pipes. But, in the case of Orange CPVC cement, you don’t need primer. The significant factor here is, this cement can quickly melt the pipe in a quick time. Besides, some high materials are used to make Orange CPVC that deny the need for primer.

How long does the medium orange CPVC cement take to dry?

You should wait for a minimum of 15 minutes if you want the cement to set accurately on the pipe. Some temperature issues play a part when talking about Orange CPVC cement drying. If the temperate water supply temperature increases, it will take time.

Final Verdict

When to want to perform any important work, make sure you complete it correctly. For example, leakage on your piping system will be trouble for you. So, if the issue occurs, you have to use CPVC cement to carry things forward.

We have tried to explore yellow vs orange CPVC cement briefly so that you can decide on what you have to choose. Both two CPVC cement are very useful for CPVC water systems regardless of temperature.

The options of choice may vary depending on the types of pipes that you use. Talking about key ingredients, these CPVC cements have some differences that we mentioned. You have a bit of concern about the pricing; you can buy orange CPVC cement.

A similar price range and other factors that we covered up here will assist you in taking one over another. Furthermore, you should also keep a close eye on the pipe’s condition. We hope you choose the best one for you.

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