How To Remove Stopper From Pedestal Sink: An Easy Step By Step DIY Guide

From a statistical viewpoint, we use our sink on an hourly basis. And most of us are familiar with a clogged sink due to a stuck or worn stopper. Do you call a plumber on such occasions? If that’s the case, we can assure you that you can solve it by yourself. And to prep you up, today we shall explain how to remove stopper from pedestal sink deftly in simple steps.

Moreover, minute wastes gradually jam the drain tube. Under this situation, we must unhook the stopper to clear the drain tube. Plus, a pop-up assembly eventually frays when it needs to be changed. So, for your convenience, we have also discussed how to change and reassemble the stopper.

How To Remove Stopper From Pedestal Sink

Removing a pedestal sink may seem tougher than it is since the pedestal itself is too heavy to move. And the pop-up assembly is concealed beyond the pedestal. The sink stopper can be removed in a few different ways, and we have divided the process into a few sections to make it easier to understand.

To detach the stopper, you can either unscrew the sink first from the wall or keep it put with support from a wood plank, etc.

We have inserted instructions for both methods but before we start, let’s have a look at what tools we need to remove the stopper.

Tools For Removing A Pedestal Sink Stopper

  • ⅝ inch open-end wrench.
  • A pair of pipe pliers.
  • A Bucket
  • A Towel
  • Adhesive Putty
  • A Crescent wrench
  • Box Wrench
  • Support planks
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These tools will help you deconstruct the stopper assembly faster. But if you don’t have them, no worries. As there is adequate room for improvisation. Now we will move on to the steps of removing a pedestal sink stopper.

Disconnect Water Connections

  • First, turn off the hot and cold incoming pipe valves behind the pedestal leg.
  • Keep a towel underneath the connection.
  • Separate the hot and cold faucet lines from supply pipes, use a wrench to turn the bolt counterclockwise.
  • Turn on the faucet and soak the dripping water. Then remove the towel.

How To Remove A Pedestal Sink From The Wall

  • Untwist the toggle screws under the sink fastening the bowl to the wall.
  • Detach the drainpipe behind the pedestal using a wrench and hold the supply line fast with pliers. This is how to remove drain plug from pedestal sink safely.
  • Detach pedestal leg connections from the floor if there are any.
  • Take help from a friend or family to pull the sink and pedestal away from the wall.
  • Safely pull the sink bowl out and collect the drain water in a bucket.
  • After removing pedestal sink, put it on a mattress or soft surface.

Remove The Stopper Assembly

  • Remove trap from the drainpipe and keep it aside.
  • Loosen the stopper assembly nut attached underneath the basin.
  • Push the assembly forward with a hand and untwist the stopper mouth from the other end (in the middle of the sink bowl)
  • Separate the stopper mouth so that you can separate the stopper set from the sink.

Reassemble The Stopper

Clean the debris and wastes from your stopper and drain pipe before reinstalling them. As it will resolve pedestal sink stopper stuck issues. Now to reassemble, the way is to undo the steps. However, heed the instructions to safely reconnect the whole sink set:

  • Apply putty around the stopper’s mouth to block water leakage.
  • Place the pop-up assembly inside the sink bowl hole as it was before.
  • Push from below and tighten the stopper mouth around the pop-up duct and wipe out any residual putty.
  • Tighten the stopper rest nut attached underneath the basin, which you loosened before.
  • Clean and connect the trap you took out before.
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Reassemble The Pedestal Sink

  • Take help from someone and mount the pedestal sink as it was before and hold fast their position.
  • Fasten the toggle screws underneath the sink bowl.
  • Reconnect pedestal leg connections if there are any.
  • Attach the drain pipe and tighten it with a wrench so that it does not leak.
  • Reconnect the hot and cold faucet lines with the supply pipes and tighten the bolts using a screw.
  • Turn on the hot and cold valve lines and check and fix if there is any leakage.
  • Turn on the faucet and check if the drain line is sealed adequately and the water does not clog.
  • And with it, you made your plumbing mission is accomplished, and you are well aware of how to remove pedestal sink.

How To Remove Sink Pedestal Without Removing Sink

In case detaching the sink seems like a big issue, use support wood planks and safely set the pedestal leg aside.

You can also take support from the pedestal leg to bear the sink’s weight. You can now follow the procedure mentioned above without the step “Remove The Sink From The Wall,” and you can easily remove the pedestal and remove the stopper plug.

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you remove the drain stopper from a pedestal sink?

The easiest way to remove the drain stopper from a pedestal sink is to detach the whole sink set from the wall after switching off supply pipelines and detaching them. To do the procedure safely and easily, follow our step-by-step instructions.

How to remove a bathroom sink stopper?

The most convenient way to remove bathroom sink stopper is to detach the whole sink set from the wall after stopping supply valves and detaching the cold and hot ducts. To carry out the task safely and easily, see our guide as it works for all kinds of sink stoppers

Final Thoughts

We intended to clarify how to remove stopper from pedestal sink and reassemble it back in this guide.

So, we will deem ourselves successful if this instruction helps you watch over your clogged sink or stuck stopper.

We also hope that this guide will save you some time or money or both. And with it, we conclude here. Stay blessed.

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