How to Install A Shower Drain Trap?

How to install a shower drain trap? There’s a fix called P-trap that needs fixing inside the subfloor that attaches to the bathroom drain. You need to cut the subfloor and add some extra accommodation around that subfloor. It creates space, and you can install the P-trap there, and you’re done. We know it sounds complicated, but we have broken it down into straightforward steps below.

Shower drain traps are legal requirements for any house plumbing system in the U.S. If there’s no shower trap in your bathroom, then there’s a high chance of danger. Some people think it’s a plumber’s job to install a drain trap; on the contrary, you can actually do it yourself.

Let’s see.

How to Install A Shower Drain Trap?

Before we dive into the installation steps, there are some definitions you must know.

The Function of A Shower Drain Trap

A shower drain trap is called P-trap because the pipe’s position takes the shape of the alphabet P or U. It is the same as the regular P-trap of any skink or toilet. Sometimes shower traps can be a U or even an S shape per plumbing requirement.

There are three parts of a P-trap: the inlet, downward bent, and outlet. The entry point of water into the drain is where the P-trap’s intel goes to your bathroom from there. Then, P-trap downward bent has a shape of P or U, and it holds water.

Downward bent provides a tight seal between the intel and the sewer, making it airtight. It is located in the middle section of the U or P shape of the trap. So, the water entering the P-trap goes to intel and then is displaced any water into the shower trap. The rest of the water flows to the drain as regular plumbing work.

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Here is where the P-trap mainly works. The P-trap blocks gas entering when the outer gas comes into your plumbing system—eventually trapping the gas and, in some cases, animals. Finally, the outlet is where the water goes out of the trap goes to a sewer line and mixes with the prime sewer line.

Selecting the right P-trap

Regular bathrooms require a 2 inch p-trap for shower drain traps. The pipe thickness indicates the size of the trap.

How to Install A Shower P Trap?

how to install a shower p trap

STEP 1: The first thing you’ll need is a hack saw with a sharp blade. Then point out the position you want to install your P trap. Take out your hacksaw and cut about 15 to 16 inches of flooring. You have to pull up the flooring above it to install it, and make sure you cut it to put it together in a piece back quickly.

STEP 2: Now, take a pry bar and open up the floor. You have to measure the length of the P trap from the inlet to where you take, or P takes place. We recommend using a cloth to remove any blurs from the pipe. Take a rubber coupling on the drain and pass it about a half inches from the coupling.

STEP 3: P traps have 4 connection types: solvent or rubber caulking or threaded or tubular compression. Install your PVC adapter according to your connection type and glue the pipe with the downward bent and the shower drain. Try using thread sealant and tighten nuts utilizing a pipe wrench.

STEP 4: Now, take some cement and provide a fit connecting the PVC pipe with glued pipe bent and shower drain. Also, do not forget to join the PVC pipe with the existing shower drain pipe using a rubber band or tightening the screw. Always use a screw clockwise for the most challenging fit.

STEP 5: Now apply a cement primer on the outlet side of the p trap and other pipe pieces. Moreover, plumbers recommend covering the inside area of the p trap too. Add a very thick coat of cement, so the connection doesn’t break. If necessary, take a marker and mark where the fixings and alignment need to be done.

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STEP 6: Try to use a small size of nails to attach the trap, pipe, and shower drain pipe to the house plumbing system. You need to allow the cement and glue to dry down. So, folks, that’s the answer to your question: how to fit a shower p trap? The work is done, and all you have to do is relocate your bathroom floor.

How to Install A Shower Waste Trap?

There are a variety of shower waste traps, and it’s essential to get a suitable one according to your shower. First, remove the mask from your shower’s waste area. We highly recommend using a high-quality seal to block the air between the trap and your shower tray. Take a 90-degree turn and make the waste top nut seal that will flange your shower with the seal. Careful position the waste and trap in an aligned position. Make sure to tighten the waste cup in a clockwise motion, and you’re done.

How to Install A Bath Waste Trap?

First, open up the screw of the waste cover and unscrew it. You’ll find a washer that you have to take out. Always clean it to lower the chance of any sealant.

Disconnect the pipe attached to the drain line and connect it with your waste tray. Then stick your bath waste trap above the tray with glue. Now position your screw in the same place again and cover back the bath net.

How to Install A Bathtub Drain P Trap?

At first, get your bathtub p-trap kit and a PVC adapter like the shower drain one. Now cut the waste bin of your bathtub and install a tee that faces the drain pipe. Then connect the stack with the bathtub trap you bought.

Make some marks to understand the need for glue and cement coating. Now stick the p trap with the drainpipe with glue and conceal with cement. Now you have to place the sanitary line again, and you’re good to go. Also, do not forget to let the cement dry properly before sealing the area.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


There you have it, the answer to your question: how to install a shower drain trap? In the case of installing, it’s better to take the help of a second hand. You can use an electric saw besides utilizing a hacksaw. So, cut the flooring, And measure the trap size and drain pipe size. If required, cut the pipe, And glue the PVC adapter with your p trap, followed by glue or cement. Let it dry overnight, and then reinstall the flooring.

Remember, the trap doesn’t need to always be in P shape; it can change to S or U according to your plumbing system. But in case you are doing it for the first time.If You have no idea about plumbing; then we recommend getting professional help.

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