Know About Different Types Of Gas Shut Off Valves

Gas shut-off valves are crucial for kitchens and industries. There are different types of gas shut off valves according to your needs. If you don’t know all the types, don’t worry because we will discuss various gas shut-off valves to avoid tremendous mistakes beforehand.

Though I don’t have any professional certificate, we have years of experience in both the kitchen and industry to know enough about valves. Make sure to install a natural gas shut off valve according to your need for gas pressure flow.

Read about each type of gas shut off valve carefully before deciding.

Different Types Of Gas Shut Off Valves

There are different gas shut off valves, but the main valves that are commonly seen are described below. These gas valves are widely available in households, industries, and big kitchens.

Ball Valves

Ball valves are the most common gas shut off valves. It helps in regulating the gas in high and low pressure using a ball-shaped part. Ball valves are pretty expensive. But they can be easily used due to their easy opening and closing system of valves.

Ball valves contain a low torque along with a tight seal so that the gas doesn’t leak.

As the ball valve is the main shut off valve for natural gas, it has many alternative valves like control valve, butterfly valve, global valve, gate valve and plug valves. These valves are widely used in industries. But among all other types, the traditionalball valves are widely used because of their all-rounder performance.

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Stopcock Valves

This valve is known as a stopcock valve because it is designed in such a way to turn off the gas flow in one go completely. These valves are often seen in the industry and big kitchens using massive gas for cooking. 

Stopcock valves are manually used. They can fit perfectly into the faucet part. To shut off the stopcock valve it needs to be turned into clockwise motion. And to turn it on again just simply turn to the anticlockwise motion.

Regulator Valves

These gas shut-off valves are widely used because they are automatically functional. Regulator valves help in passing the gas flow in the system by themselves.

Regulator valves can work with various kinds of mechanisms that can fit into them. Such as pressure balance, spring loaded, dead-weighted, and internal relief valves. Internal relief valves provide an extra automatic feature that helps the gas pressure inside safe parameters.

Check Valves

Check valves are best for assuring that gasses flow in one direction. Mostly, other valves can’t assure the flow of gas in one direction. For that reason, check valves are used. They ensure that gas doesn’t reenter the system that makes them free of risk to use.

However, this valve is not used directly. In terms of failure, check valves are kept as an alternative of the primary valves.

Needle Valves

 It is known as needle valves because it helps the gas to flow through a narrow space shaped like a needle plunger. Needle valves are used because they are safer and serve more extended usage benefits. They are old style gas shut off valves.

Needle valves are used for low-pressure gas flow. As they use narrow space in the pass of gas, if higher pressure of a gas is used, it can cause damage.

Metering Valves

You can use metering valves as an alternative for needle valves.

However, metering valves are considered better than a needle gas valve because they are highly precise.

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Metering valves are used as gas shut off valve for stove. You can use these high-precision limiting or controlling the gas flow. They are also only used for the low-pressure gas flow in the system.

Relief Valves

 Relief valves are also known as PRV or pressure relief valves. They are great for safety issues. It’s mainly designed so that it can limit or control the pressure of the gas if it increases.

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It’s mainly used in industrial areas. Relief valves are one of the best automatic valves because they shut off gas valves on their own when the pressure is too high. It’s also a great gas valve because it protects the product’s longevity and helps keep the flammable gas out of the industry.

Other Valves For Various Other Gasses

There are various kinds of gasses other than the common gasses that are available in households. For that kind of gasses, many more types of valves are used. There can be outside gas shut off valves and gas shut off valves for dryers.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the 3 classifications of gas valves?

The gas valves are classified into 3 main groups. Among the three classified groups are Linear ( Multi-turn), Rotary ( Quarter turn), and self-actuated. Along with these classified groups, more gas valves fall into each category.

What are the different types of natural gas valves?

There are many types of natural gas valves which are given below:
1. Ball valves
2. Needles Valves
3. Metering Valves
4. Check Valves
5. Relief Valves
6. Regulator Valves
7. Stopcock Valves
8. Other valves for various other gasses

What type of shut off valve is used for gas lines?

Ball valves are generally used for gas lines. They fall into the linear classification meaning they are multi-turners. It’s designed so that it helps in controlling the flow of gas pressure high or low. And they can be easily turned on or turned off while using.


In the end, we would like to suggest that you know about the different types of gas shut off valves properly. Because gas is a bit dangerous to use, so try to use gas shut off valves that you feel the most comfortable using.

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