Help! Water Level in Toilet Tank Drops Slowly (Easy Fix)

Imagine you have done using your bathroom, and it’s time to disposal using the flush but the water level in toilet tank drops slowly. Want to know the reasons, causes, and solutions behind this issue?

Among average American people, this is a common issue if the toilet tank has been old enough and contains some interior fault. Yet, it can also be possible if the waste pipe, siphon jet, or rim jets can’t shift the water at high pressure.

And, the toilet tank needs at least 1.5 to 3.5 gallons of water per flush. Besides, one research shows that most people will go to the bathroom and use the flushes 4 – 5 times per day. Thus, for normal people, it is something that needs to be fixed ASAP.

Don’t worry as we’ll be with you to solve the error of weak water level in the flush tank along with its causes. So, give your time and focus to this guide till the end to learn fixation easily. Let’s Get Into That!

Explaining Why Water Level in Toilet Tank Drops Slowly – Causes & Repairs

The possible reason behind the dropping of the toilet tank water level is due to leakage, misplaced fill valve, and clogged issue. And to fix these errors, you can either attach a brand-new spud washer, set the fill valve rightly, and clean the clogs.

Causes of Water Level Dropping in Toilet TankEasy Solution to The Problems
Leakage at the bottom of the toilet tankInstall new spud washer with proper sealing
Fill valve placed in low water levelAdjust the fill valve on the intake pipe using a screwdriver
Clogging issue of the toilet tank fill valveRelease and unblock the clogs

You probably want to stop the hassle of toilet tank low water level. Before you grab all the tools to fix that, learn what causes water level in toilet tank to drop. If the water level seems normal and the problem occurs, then it can be due to faulty parts.

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According to the author of Reimerhvac,

Many toilets allow for the water level to be adjusted. This all takes place in the tank of your toilet. Raising or lowering the toilet’s float height will change the water level in your toilet. If your toilet water level is too low, you could face issues with flushing.

Sometimes the toilet bowl water level drops overnight due to leakage or crack in the bottom side. Also, a lot of people find the same issue due to the wrong placement of the fill valve.

The ball valve leaking is also one of the many reasons why it can happen. Or maybe the clogging of the fill valve is why you are facing the hassle of a low flushing level.

Leaky Toilet Tank Might Cause Toilet Tank to Drop Water Weakly

Most of the time the outflow occurs at the bottom of the toilet tank (the part that helps to transfer water to the bowl). Who’s the culprit? The spud washer aka tank-to-bowl gasket is the reason why the leak happens. Let’s see how to fix that:

Step-1: Turn off the shutoff valve and water line.

Step-2: Then, hit the flush to empty the toilet tank.

Step-3: Next, take out the cover cap and bolts from the toilet tank.

Step-4: After that, take out the toilet tank.

Step-5: Check if the tank-to-bowl gasket is broken or not. If yes, then attach a new one. And then, be sure to seal it rightly.

Step-6: Put everything back in its place.

Adjusting The Position of Fill Valve in Toilet Tank

The fill valve needs to be fitted in the flush tank that ensures a stronger flush at a low water level. If it is aligned wrongly, then the water level starts to drop and raise weirdly. Here is what you need to do to fix that:

  • Start by detaching the cover of the toilet tank.
  • Locate the part fill valve. Be sure to close the water supply line.
  • Next, flush the toilet tank to ensure no water is left. Afterward, grab a screwdriver to adapt the fill valve. Adjust it by moving the screw clockwise to raise the water level.
  • After that, check if other parts are okay or not. If no, then change them.
  • Attach the cover of the toilet tank. And, that’s it.
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Clean The Clogged Fill Valve to Solve Low Water Level in Toilet Tank

Due to mildew and dirt, the fill valve blocks the path which causes a weak water level on each flush. To solve that, you probably need to clean it. Take a look into the process:

  • Turn off the water supply.
  • Open the cover of the flush tank.
  • Rotate and open the cap of the fill valve.
  • Detach the seal of the fill valve.
  • Wash the seal using clean water.
  • Put everything back in their place.
  • Turn on the water supply.
  • Now, use the flush after 30 seconds.

This Video Will Help You Too!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why does my toilet bowl empty itself?

Well, the toilet bowl can empty itself due to various reasons such as leakage, sewage system fault, or maybe damaged fill valve. Apart from that, the weak sealing of the fill valve can be one of the causes why the toilet bowl is emptying.
Also, the high or low water level of the toilet tank results in the bowl getting empty faster when you hit the flash bar.  

Why does toilet tank keep refilling?

It’s a habit of the toilet tank to keep refilling or storing water so that you can use it each time you finish your sanitary works. Usually, the process will take not more than 15 minutes to refill water.

What is the easiest way to clean a toilet tank?

How much water should be in your toilet tank?

The water level should be 1 to 2 inches beneath the fill valve in the toilet tank. No matter what size of toilet tank you are using, just be sure it has 2/3 water inside.

Last Thoughts

Still, feeling hard to solve the water level in toilet tank drops slowly even after reading this article? If so, we suggest you get expert help to install a new toilet tank as fast as possible. The low flushing level of toilet is a curse when you want to get rid of sewer gases and bad smells.

Luckily, we have got easy fixes of low water level in the toilet tank. Just be sure to find the cause of it before you take any further steps.

Also, don’t wait longer as it will never fix until you don’t take any action. So, Get Up And Gather Courage To Fix The Problem. Good Luck!

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